AML Screening & Client Lifecycle Risk Management Technology

AML has never been so important or failure so expensive. We combine world leading AML subject matter expertise with data science to deliver next generation Screening and Data Analytics solutions.

RiskScreen is Trusted by over 600 Institutions to Manage Financial Crime Risk


Simple. Powerful. Cost-Effective.

RiskScreen integrates the world’s most comprehensive Dow Jones global AML data (sanctions & watch lists, PEPs database) with an advanced live adverse media search engine, plus deep web sources for advanced investigatory analysis. RiskScreen Core offers an all-in-one solution to optimise customer risk screening at on-boarding and review

"ZEDRA has moved over to RiskScreen from a major competitor. On product and client service, there's no comparison between the two."

Stuart Esslemont

Next-generation batch screening technology

RiskScreen Batch allows you to screen your entire customer base at whatever depth and frequency you choose. RiskScreen Batch enables a 3D risk-based approach to your batch screening program with innovative meta-data on search subjects that cuts false positives by two-thirds vs. major competitors. RiskScreen Batch offers ultra-secure onsite, hosted and full featured API solutions, with complete MI and reporting

"RiskScreen Batch offers technological capabilities which have saved time, enabled better reporting and ensured that we not only meet current standards, but exceed them."


Integrate our screening functionality into your internal AML and Due Diligence process

Screen your entire customer base at whatever depth and frequency you choose by integrating all of the functionality of RiskScreen into your existing AML workflow utilising our custom built API

Dynamic customer data aggregation, risk profiling and analytics

RiskScreen Enterprise acts as a central engine to drive customer risk decisions - at take on, at review, and in response to events and changes in a customer's risk profile. RiskScreen's Enterprise plan allows you to aggregate and analyse key risk data, in real-time, and eliminate costly and ineffective manual file reviews. RiskScreen delivers razor sharp MI and reporting to eliminate the most common mechanisms of AML failure.

"RiskScreen Enterprise is transforming our ability to manage customer risk in real time."

Ann Morgan