AML Screening & Client Lifecycle Risk Management Technology.

AML has never been so important or failure so expensive. We combine world leading AML subject matter expertise with data science to deliver next generation Screening and Data Analytics solutions.

RiskScreen is Trusted by over 600 Institutions to Manage Financial Crime Risk

From screening to client lifecycle risk management, RiskScreen helps you do more with less.


Integrating Dow Jones global AML data, RiskScreen is an all-in-one solution to optimise customer risk screening at on-boarding and review.


RiskScreen enables better financial crime risk management through the application of automated risk-based processes.


Enhanced risk governance performance through full audit capture and dynamic reporting functionality.


RiskScreen encourages systems stack consolidation and customer / supplier data aggregation, helping to create frictionless internal data economies.

“RiskScreen Batch offers technological capabilities which have saved time, enabled better reporting and ensured that we not only meet current standards, but exceed them.”


RiskScreen is a modular AML solution that provides organisations with maximum optionality to select the screening and lifecycle risk management functionality that best meets their AML requirements.

RiskScreen offers AML screening solutions for all business sizes and requirements, helping our customers avoid the risk of paying for components they don’t need.


Web-based customer/supplier screening at on-boarding and periodic review.

Key Benefits

  • Searches world-leading Dow Jones AML datasets and the web using proprietary technology
  • Allows unlimited users at no additional cost
  • Live adverse media search engine with web page capture technology
  • Fully configurable real-time reports
  • Mobile-enabled
  • EDD reporting option

Key Outcomes

  • Improve client experience at on-boarding and review
  • Optimise due diligence processes
  • Socialise AML compliance
  • Accelerate time to revenue

Automated, 3D risk based overnight screening of your entire customer/supplier base.

Key Benefits

  • 3D risk-based screening
  • Virtually eliminates false positive matches
  • Full audit capture Ultra-secure
  • Laser sharp MI and reporting

Key Outcomes

  • Significant reduction in false positives resulting in a material saving in compliance costs
  • Evidence risk-based overnight screening to regulators
  • Accelerate risk-based handling of potential matches
  • Materially improve risk governance via real time reporting of match handling

Next generation customer lifecycle risk management software including dynamic risk profiling, alerting, workflow and MI reporting.

Key Benefits

  • Complete automation of KYC and AML risk management throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Class-leading MI and reporting on individuals, groups, or your entire customer base
  • Event-driven alerting and workflow
  • Live customer on-boarding via API
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing administration, payment, CRM and screening systems

Key Outcomes

  • Improve client experience at on-boarding and review
  • Significantly reduce costs from automation of manual processes
  • Aggregate and digitise customer data
  • Animate risk models across all entity types linking to BRAs
  • Reduce AML and operational risk
  • Materially improve AML risk governance