About Us

Eliminating financial crime with smart technology

Our Belief

We believe there is a moral imperative in fighting financial crime. We also believe that conducting business ethically is conducive to the development of sustainable business. We know that smart technology is the key to enabling businesses to know their customers and to use data to drive decisions that do no harm.

Our Story

We founded KYC Global Technologies in 2016, but the seeds of the business were sown in the experience of our Founder, Stephen Platt, conducting multiple systemically important regulatory investigations into the financial crime compliance of financial institutions around the world. Collectively we have over 150 years of both investigating and remediating businesses’ AML compliance environments. That experience has taught us three things:

  1. Legacy screening tools are not fit for purpose in combating financial crime in the 21st Century;
  2. Businesses are struggling to meet the data challenge and are failing to utilise the data they hold to manage risk effectively and drive effective risk governance;
  3. Despite spending an ever increasing amount on compliance headcount, AML compliance failures and resulting enforcement actions against financial institutions are increasing.

We resolved to develop next generation screening and data analytics software that facilitated a paradigm shift in AML compliance. That is what we have done. Now over 500 financial institutions, regulators and law enforcement agencies across the world use our technologies to combat financial crime.

Our People

The very best technologies only emerge from the creative spark that ignites when subject matter experts work with data scientists. That is why our business is comprised of both. Within our team we have some of the world’s leading AML experts and data scientists. This approach allows us to understand first-hand the challenges businesses face in managing financial crime risk and to work in partnership with our customers to meet them.