Bring the risk-based approach to batch screening and cut false positives by up to 95%

RiskScreen Batch offers ultra-secure onsite and hosted batch screening solutions, with complete MI and reporting.

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Virtually eliminate false positives

RiskScreen Batch allows users to use customer metadata including dates of birth and countries of association. Together with advanced customer risk profiles, these reduce the number of false positives by 70-95% when compared with leading alternative batch screening products.

RiskScreen securely screens across multiple jurisdictions and product types with comprehensive user permission settings

Set risk-based parameters for customers

RiskScreen Batch allows users to set risk-based parameters for customers with varying risk grades thereby enabling you to automatically batch screen higher risk customers differently to lower risk customers. 

It enables higher risk customers to be screened with greater frequency and precision, including by reference to the treatment of metadata. Its rapid 'Bulk Match' process allows speedy handling of potential hits. 

Customer batch screening risk based approach

RiskScreen Batch flags matches by reference to the nature of the potential match allowing users to prioritise the handling of higher risk, more dangerous potential matches

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Full audit capture functionality

RiskScreen Batch includes full audit capture functionality allowing users to record and report the results of all batch screening that has been carried out, in addition to which an automatic record is created of all batches in which a customer is screened. The audit capture functionality enables users to provide positive proof of screening activity for all customer relationships.

Customer batch screening risk based approach

Comprehensive MI & Reporting

RiskScreen Batch features a comprehensive dashboard and reporting engine enabling batch results to be viewed multi-jurisdictionally and for the efficiency of match handling to be tracked and reported upon

Global world-leading AML data

RiskScreen Batch provides lightning-fast customer batch screening against world-leading Dow Jones datasets for confidence in your ongoing monitoring of customer risk profiles. RiskScreen Batch screens your customers at whatever depth and frequency you choose.


Sanctions Lists

Global sanctions lists including UN, US (OFAC, BIS, ISN, etc), EU and HMT

Watch Lists

Over 4,000 global watch lists and black lists with over 700,000 entries

PEPs Database

Global database of over 2.5 million PEP records for over 200 countries and international organisations

Adverse Media

Dow Jones adverse media sources

Book a demo with one of our expert team to get a personalised walk-through of RiskScreen Batch

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Future-proofing our screening compliance with RiskScreen Batch

‘Ravenscroft’s growth and success has been built on delivering the services which our clients want and not what we think they need, while at the same time ensuring that we are compliant with regulation and legislation. We now have 5,000 clients and billions of pounds of assets under management and this, together with the constant changing AML requirements, meant we needed a more efficient approach to monitoring.

We wanted to identify a solution which would meet our exacting technical requirements, now and into the future, and to find a company that shared the same customer service values as us.

After thoroughly reviewing the available onsite batch screening solutions, RiskScreen Batch met our criteria. The system has been developed by regulatory experts and that gave us the confidence that it would do what we needed it to in order to futureproof our screening compliance.

During the implementation phase, we received exemplary support with the technical and regulatory queries which we had, and the system was up and running on time and on budget.

RiskScreen Batch and RiskScreen Core offer us technological capabilities that we didn’t have before which have saved time, enabled better reporting and ensured that we not only meet current standards but exceed them.’

Guy Hardill | MLRO, Ravenscroft Limited

Features review

Global world-leading AML Data

Dow Jones PEPs, Sanctions & Watch List Data

Full audit capture functionality

Record and report the results of all batch screening


Both onsite & hosted options available

Superb MI & reporting

Comprehensive dashboard and reporting engine

Advanced metadata

Virtually eliminates false positives by up to 95% versus leading competitors

'Bulk-match' process

For speedy handling of potential hits

Ensure that your business is alerted to changes in the status or risk profile of your customers at the earliest possible opportunity

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