Dow Jones data integration & new RiskScreen features

Major upgrade announcement


RiskScreen is pleased to announce a major upgrade to the RiskScreen platform. The upgraded version of RiskScreen gives users access to the world-leading Dow Jones Sanctions, PEP and Watchlist database.  This database contains over 6 million records, including 100% more name alias data, making RiskScreen searches even more straightforward to perform.


“Our technology is better and cheaper than the competition and as a result we are winning more market share as businesses look to get a better return on the investment they are making in AML compliance. Because our technology is new we offer a range of batch screening and MI reporting features the competition don’t and that’s driving a lot of interest”

– Founder and Chairman, Stephen Platt

New additional features

We’ve listened carefully to our user’s feedback and integrated a number of new features into the RiskScreen platform:


1 ) Tabbed browsing of Sanctions, PEP and Watchlist results on a single page

2 ) Links to profiles of entities related to your search result

3 ) The option to add a reason to each decision you take to flag a search result

4 ) The ability to search within results using DOB, gender, and address data

5 ) An option to remove social media results from adverse media searches

6 ) A new more streamlined report, with PDF copies of adverse media web pages


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