Case Study

Risk Based Overnight Batch Screening of Suppliers

Client Profile: Our client is a large industrial business which buys products and services from over 30,000 suppliers globally.

Client Requirement: Our client had a hard-won reputation for quality and probity. Following the introduction of the UK Bribery Act it stepped up its efforts to ensure that it was not exposed to illicit conduct and decided to screen and monitor all of its suppliers.

RiskScreen Solution: RiskScreen Batch was implemented allowing all of the data held by the client to be uploaded and utilised for overnight batch screening purposes. Suppliers with higher risk characteristics are screened differently to lower risk suppliers. Each day a small number of potential matches are analysed and handled. The reporting functionality of the tool enables the Global Head of Risk to produce real-time reports for the board that evidence that the screening has taken place and any issues that have been flagged.


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