Arming Estate Agency front line staff with powerful screening technology


A large Estate Agency group with over 100 offices.


Following the extension of the UK AML regulations to the real estate sector our client wanted to ensure that a consistent approach to screening vendors, buyers, lessors and lessees was adopted throughout the group. There was no centralised compliance or AML function to which the screening process could be outsourced by each Agency. They wanted an easy to use solution for all agents within each agency to utilise. They had approached another screening provider who proposed to charge them on a per user basis and the cost was prohibitive.


RiskScreen Core was rolled out across all of the Agencies and administrator access was provided to Head Office to enable access to be given or taken away from individual Agents without reference to us. There was no additional charge for additional users. All of the Agents were trained on the use of RiskScreen Core and with 2 months all agents were screening prospects and customers on RiskScreen Core on their iPhone, PCs and tablets. Search reports saved to a central folder enabling each Agency to demonstrate compliance with the Regulations.


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