Accessing Customer Data in Real Time to Manage Risk in Response to External Events


Our client is a Tier 2 Bank with an international customer base.


When the Panama Papers leak occurred, and thousands of names of individuals and entities alleged to have been engaged in illicit conduct was released by the ICIJ our client was unable to automatically scan its customer base to identify whether it was exposed to reputational or financial crime risk. Instead they followed a laborious time intensive manual process in which they sought to reconcile data held across a variety of disjointed systems and scanned what they could on excel spreadsheets. That experience and the realisation of just how inefficient and costly it was led them to the conclusion that they needed to begin to marshal and manage customer data in a much more effective way.


RiskScreen’s Enterprise solution was implemented allowing all of the data held by the bank on its present and historic customers to be aggregated onto a single platform enabling dynamic real time searches to be conducted that allowed the bank to react instantly to events including leaks, sanctions regimes changes and production orders so that they could establish any exposure to bad actors.


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