Risk Based Overnight Batch Screening of Customer Base


Our client is a large Trust & Corporate Services Company headquartered in Switzerland providing a comprehensive range of wealth management and administration services for a global customer base.


Frustrated with the lack of MI reporting functionality of their previous customer screening solution and the high number of false positive results it generated they wished to identify a screening solution that enabled risk-based customer screening and achieved greater operational efficiencies without compromising the accuracy of search results.


The client gave notice to their existing screening provider and licensed RiskScreen Batch through which they screened 150,000 names every night. The number of false positive results dropped by 92% saving hundreds of man hours and removing the risk that a true positive could be discounted as false through human error. In addition to benefitting from a more effective screening process they also improved the quality of their risk governance through the reporting functionality of RiskScreen Batch allowing them to extract real time MI on the performance of their offices around the world in handling overnight screening results.


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