Our PEP Data

The screening of all customers for PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) status is essential to the management of bribery and corruption risk and compliance with the EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence) provisions applicable to PEP relationships.

The Dow Jones PEP definition is based on FATF Recommendation 12 together with other regulatory definitions and feedback from industry. The aim of the definition is to provide the best possible coverage of senior political figures for every single country in the world.

A majority of the Wolfsberg Group of banks use Dow Jones data exclusively enterprise wide to manage global PEP risk.

RiskScreen Core and RiskScreen Batch scan 23 Job Categories unique to Dow Jones including:

  • Heads & Deputies of State/National Government
  • National Government Ministers
  • Members of National Legislatures
  • Senior Civil Servants of National Governments
  • Senior Civil Servants of Regional Government
  • Embassy & Consular Staff
  • Senior Members of the Armed Forces
  • Senior Members of the Police Services
  • Senior Members of the Secret Services
  • Senior Members of the Judiciary
  • State Corporation Executives
  • State Agency Officials
  • Heads & Deputy Heads of Regional Government
  • Regional Government Ministers
  • Religious Leaders
  • Political Party Officials
  • International Organisation Officials
  • City Mayors
  • Political Pressure and Labour Group Officials
  • International Sporting Group Officials
  • National NGO Officials
  • Local Public Officials
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