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Achieve optimal financial crime compliance performance with maximum efficiency

Government agencies and regulators get the corporate and license holder behaviour they deserve. Many government departments and financial services regulators do not adequately screen company directors, beneficial owners or principals of licensed businesses or companies bidding for state contracts. This leads inevitably to bad actors becoming involved in regulated sectors or the award of state contracts to corporations that are engaged in illicit activities. 

RiskScreen is used by a growing number of government departments, regulators and law enforcement agencies for screening and data optimisation purposes to manage financial crime and reputational risk.

Recognising the value our technologies can add to the growth of civil society through the management of bribery and corruption risk we offer the use of our technologies to governments and regulators in the developing world at significantly reduced prices. For further information please contact Tom Devlin at

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RiskScreen integrates into existing systems and automates due diligence workflows to help reduce your AML/KYC compliance cost & drive better risk governance

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Open license - allows unlimited users at no extra cost

Multi-lingual covering 68 languages

Integrates with existing systems via API

Ultra secure. hosted & onsite options


Easy to use, design led interface requires minimal training. 

Enhanced due diligence capabilities save money on expensive externally sources reports


All the function of RiskScreen Core PLUS screen your customer names and metadata on a daily basis to provide you with a high level of assurance that you are not doing business with bad actors. 


Reduces false positive matches by up to 95% compared to other screening engines facilitating a massive reduction in wasted compliance resource. 

Scaleable – RiskScreen has the power to screen up to 20 million names in a 4 hour period. 

Enables effective financial crime risk governance through full audit capture and reporting functionality & the production of better quality MI. 

All the functions of RiskScreen Core & Batch PLUS a highly advanced fully automated customer data aggregation, real time risk profiling, alerting and workflow solution designed to optimise the management of financial crime risk throughout the lifecycle of every customer relationship. 


Creates a frictionless data economy between bank CRM, Payment and DMS systems 

Enables dynamic risk management 

Gives real time reporting on individual customers and entire populations of customers for risk governance purposes.

Request a free demo of our screening solutions and speak with one of our expert team about your requirements

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RiskScreen has given us the ability to manage customer risk in real-time. We initially implemented it to help the compliance function with customer lifecycle management but have since added an API link to enable real-time risk rating of new customers as part of a live onboarding process. We’re now planning to roll out access within the business to the first line of defence.

RiskScreen made senior members of their team, on both the technical and regulatory side, available to us throughout the implementation process, and have continued to provide swift and effective customer support since then.

Anne Morgan

Head of Compliance, Al Rayan Bank

Risk Categories
1 m+
Entities incl. Alias Data
Sanction Ownership Profiles

Request a free demo of our screening solutions and speak with one of our expert team about your requirements

we are here to help and answer any questions you have