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Toronto Seen as ‘Destination’ for Money Laundering: Watchdog Groups

Loose reporting requirements and lax enforcement have made the Canadian housing market particularly appealing to international money launderers, three watchdog… Read More

Arrest order issued for ex-President Michel Temer in Brazil

AP — A judge in Rio de Janeiro has issued an arrest warrant for ex-President Michel Temer, who is being investigated in several corruption cases. A spokeswoman for the Prosecutors Office in Rio de Janeiro told The Associated Press Thursday that Judge Marcelo Breitas had issued the order. Per… Read More

Breakdown: The Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Rewards Act

On January 9th, US Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) introduced H.R. 389, a measure that would “authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to pay rewards under an asset recovery rewards program to help identify and recover stolen assets linked to foreign government corruption and the proceeds of such corruption hidden… Read More