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We’ve All Been Deceived. There is No War on Drugs.

By Robert Mazur, former U.S. Federal Agent and author of “The Infiltrator” Having been one of the soldiers in the… Read More

UK Crime Agency Reveals Progress of SARs Reform Programme

The UK’s NCA (National Crime Agency) has unveiled details of a project to reform the SAR (suspicious activity report) regime, amid a large increase in the number of submissions from financial institutions and other reporting entities. The NCA received over 570,000 SARs in the year to March 2020, an increase… Read More

Britain urged to probe wealth of Russian family whose son had ‘world’s most expensive wedding’

It was perhaps the world’s most expensive wedding; an extravaganza costing tens of millions of pounds with performances by Jennifer Lopez, Sting and Enrique Iglesias, a fleet of Rolls Royces to ferry the guests and a 20-year-old bride wearing a $1m dress and a $5m crown. The groom, Said Gutseriev,… Read More