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Goldman Sachs fined record $2.9 billion to resolve 1MDB bribery scheme

Goldman Sachs, one of Wall Street’s oldest and most prestigious banks, will pay $2.9 billion in penalties and fees to… Read More

FinCEN Files sparks fresh UK inquiry into laundering of dirty billions

Prompted by the FinCEN Files, a powerful U.K. parliamentary committee has launched a fresh anti-money laundering inquiry 19-months after it outlined findings that the nation’s response to billions of pounds in money-laundering was “fragmented.” In light of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ recent investigation, the U.K. Treasury Committee… Read More

HSBC froze £1.5bn of customers’ cash in ‘dormant accounts’ – report

HSBC put £1.5bn of its customers’ cash out of reach in frozen accounts, according to an internal report that raises questions over whether the bank heeded its warnings about potential financial harm to its customers. An internal HSBC UK report seen by the Guardian shows compliance staff tried to… Read More