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KYC360. It has a strict ‘No Advertiser, No Sponsor’ Policy ensuring that we report on and analyse subjects without fear or favour.

Many information providers and professional bodies push the commercial agendas of their corporate sponsors so that people are rightly sceptical about whether the information they are being fed is objective and accurate. At KYC360 nobody, however able, can pay to contribute or influence the content on our platform through advertising or sponsorship.


KYC360’s free CPD Wallet allows professionals to create an effortless record of their evolving AML expertise, while the depth and breadth of the content on offer enables professionals to send a powerful message – both internally and externally – that they take financial crime prevention seriously. It shows they are committed to ensuring their staff understand the link between what they do (and how they do it), and numerous predicate crime types including drug trafficking, bribery and corruption, human trafficking, terrorism and sanctions evasion.

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