Ghanaian Businesses Increasingly Exposed to Bribery
13 Feb 2016

According to a new survey conducted by TRACE International, a non-profit organisation providing compliance support to members, businesses in Ghana are increasingly being exposed to bribery.

The survey focussed on four main areas: Government, Anti-Bribery Laws and Enforcement, Government and Civil Service Transparency, and Capacity for Civil Society Oversight.

The overall bribery risk to businesses in the country has been scored at 68, with 100 being the worst. Business interactions with government have been given a risk score of 70, meaning there is a high risk of intensive interaction with the government, a high regulatory burden and a high expectation of bribes.

Government and Civil Service Transparency has been scored 71, indicating a relatively low quality of administration and governmental transparency.

Ghana’s Chief Justice, Georgina Theodora Wood, stated “Institutions such as the Serious Fraud Office, Economic and Organised Crime Office, and the Financial Intelligence Centre, have been given oversight mandate to ensure integrity and transparency in aspects of financial and commercial activity such as commercial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing,” but she also maintains there is still much more to be done.

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