Major financial institutions are drowning in data. With hundreds of thousands of customers, and literally billions of records scattered across multiple industries, sectors and geographic regions, accurately detecting money laundering is not so much like finding a needle in a hay-stack as finding a needle in the entire hayfield. In… Read More
By Eoin Mac Aodha (Senior Associate, Dublin) and Viv Jones (Principal Associate, London), Eversheds Sutherland. Ireland’s new anti-bribery law contains tough provisions, including a presumption of corruption when advantages are given to public officials in certain circumstances. What does this mean for Irish businesses? And will multinational businesses have to… Read More
Financial crime staff in UK firms or in those firms with substantial links to the UK would be well advised to read the 2018 National Strategic Assessment of Serious and Organised Crime (the Assessment) recently published by the National Crime Agency (NCA). The Assessment was published shortly after Rob Wainright,… Read More
For most people looking to land a job in the Nigerian Police Force, the chances are high that a polygraph exam lies ahead for them. The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has announced that successful candidates in the ongoing recruitment into the service will undergo compulsory polygraph tests (lie detector tests)… Read More
Susan Grossey has been making her living from crime for over twenty years. She provides anti-money laundering training and advice to the regulated community in the UK, Guernsey, Jersey, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar, and writes and talks on the subject at every opportunity. As her hobby she… Read More
Love it or hate it, the risk-based approach (RBA) is a key aspect of compliance work. But what happens when the boss shows up one day with a woefully muddled up RBA plan and expects it to be implemented? A London-based compliance officer recalls being amused at the sheer… Read More
Legal expert and author of ‘Asset Forfeiture Law in the United States’ Stefan Cassella examines a recent case involving a medical doctor who ran a ‘pill mill’ and posted over $1 million into a commingled account. It could not be ascertained how much was tainted and how much derived from… Read More
In an interesting turn of events, French cement giant Lafarge finds itself at the core of a rather unique, and quite embarrassing, compliance case. How it will untangle itself out of this mess will be an interesting one to watch. Anti-corruption organisations in France hail it as a huge development… Read More
On the second anniversary of the Panama Papers (the Papers), new information published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) makes for interesting – and even entertaining – reading. Stunning details are splashed out about how the scandal erupted and the involved individuals and firms’ reaction to the… Read More
In the world of counterterrorism, 2017 was another sombre year. 62 people were killed across the EU in cities as far apart as Barcelona and Turku. Over half of the fatalities were in the UK alone, with attacks on Westminster, Borough Market and Manchester Arena; in the latter, the worst… Read More