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Albania police arrest 32 in counterfeit travel visa scheme

AP — Albanian police have cracked down a suspected visa ring issuing fake documents to help people illegally go to Western European countries, Britain, the United States and Canada. A police statement Saturday said 32 people, including a border policeman, were arrested and four others are… Read More

UK: Albanian brothers smuggled £7 million cash in airline luggage

Two Albanian brothers and an accomplice have been jailed for smuggling over £7 million cash on over 80 flights from the UK to various destinations across Europe. The brothers organised travel for four others who acted as couriers by carrying large amounts of cash in their luggage, according to the… Read More

Albania seizes 3.4 million euros cash in alleged drug profits in Adriatic port

Albanian police seized 3.4 million euros (3 million pounds) in cash hidden in two cars on a trailer that arrived in the port of Durres from Belgium, a stash Albania’s opposition leader said was linked to drug gangsters. Albania is awaiting a European Union decision later this week about whether… Read More
29th May 2018
Albania’s under-resourced government signed a deal with accounting firm Ernst & Young on Monday to get hands-on help in fighting rampant tax evasion and other economic crimes. Prime Minister Edi Rama said Albanian authorities had quintupled the amount of wealth seized from criminal activities since his Socialists took power in… Read More
5th July 2017
In line with the presidential decree, the Russian government extended the embargo on certain types of food from countries that had imposed sanctions on Russia, according to a document, published on the Russian government’s website on Wednesday. A ban on imports of certain types of agricultural products, raw materials and… Read More
25th January 2017
Watchdog organisation Transparency International's latest annual report on perceived corruption around the world indicates that a high level of graft persists in Balkan states. Read More
10th November 2016
The fight against corruption in the Western Balkans and Turkey is failing, putting European Union accession at risk. Political elites have too much power and there are limited ways to hold the corrupt to account, according to Transparency International, the global anti-corruption movemen Read More
8th September 2016
Transparency International, the global anti-corruption movement, said today that Albania remains vulnerable to corruption because of political interference and a lack of independence at key oversight institutions. The National Integrity System Assessment – Albania 2016, the first-ever in-depth assessment of corruption risks in Albania, evaluates how effective the anti-corruption measures… Read More