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Sanctions: Standard Chartered extends Deferred Prosecution Agreements

Standard Chartered has agreed to a further extension of its U.S. Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs) until 31 December 2018, the bank said. The Group reached agreements with the United States after admitting that it had processed payments for sanctions targets, and paid a settlement of $327 million. It also agreed… Read More

US terror attack: Trump stepping up extreme vetting

Hours after a truck driver mowed down eight cyclists, in what is being called the first deadly attack in New York since the 11 September, 2001 strikes, United States president Donald Trump said that he had ordered more robust “extreme vetting” of travellers coming into the country. “I have just… Read More

Sudan banking: Foreign currency transfers start as sanctions end

Sudan has for the first time in 20 years begun receiving foreign currency inflows, the central bank said on Wednesday, days after the US government lifted decades-old trade sanctions on the northern African country. A statement by the bank confirmed the receipt of international transfers in U.S. dollars to two… Read More
9th October 2017
9 October 2017 KYC360 News The United States has lifted key sanctions on Sudan, ending more than two decades of economic restrictions with the North African state. The revocation, which will be effective as of 12 October, is expected to boost aspects of Sudan’s economy, such as aviation, agriculture and… Read More
30th August 2017
The United States has raised the issue of religious freedom in talks about easing sanctions on Sudan, the new head of the US Agency for International Development said in Sudan on Tuesday. The head of the agency, Mark Green, held the talks with senior Sudanese officials as the US government… Read More
21st August 2017
A technical team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) arrived in Khartoum on Saturday to follow-up on the donor fund to develop an anti-money laundering/counter terrorism funding system. According to the Sudanese network Al-Shorooq, the IMF team, which conducts its tenth visit to Khartoum, includes experts from Australia, Ireland, Canada… Read More
12th July 2017
The United States on Tuesday postponed for three months a decision on whether to permanently lift certain sanctions on Sudan over its human rights record and other issues, the State Department said. Read More
10th July 2017
For two decades the U.S. imposed trade and financial sanctions on Sudan, saying it was responsible for carrying out a genocide. The move to lift sanctions was initiated by the Obama administration. Read More
3rd July 2017
Sudan’s government is confident that they are ready to enter the African and international markets when the U.S. sanctions – frozen for the past six months – are dropped. The Trump administration needs to make a final decision on permanently dropping the sanctions by July 13. Read More
29th May 2017
The US Chargé d’Affaires at the Embassy in Sudan cannot say how the Trump administration will deal with the decision to lift the trade sanctions on Khartoum. “I honestly do not know how the decision will be dealt with, but I can say that the US Secretary of State will… Read More
22nd May 2017
A rebel group that’s waged a six-year war against Sudan’s government will ask the U.S. to postpone a sanctions review on the African country beyond a July deadline as it accuses President Umar al-Bashir’s forces of breaching a cease-fire and blocking aid to civilians. The Obama administration in January ordered… Read More
15th May 2017
The Saiga Company, one of the largest flour suppliers in Sudan, announced that a U.S. wheat shipment will arrive in Port Sudan on Monday as the first trade deal between American and Sudanese companies since the ease of economic sanctions last January. Last January, former President Barack Obama eased the… Read More
4th May 2017
Despite Sudan’s recent compliance with U.S. guidelines, one expert thinks there’s not enough information to warrant a complete removal of sanctions against the country. “In the case of Sudan, the same cast of characters, the same power base that promotes a perverted and violent expression of Islam is still in… Read More