10th August 2017
Just over €16.8 million was recovered by the tax authorities after previously unknown foreign holdings by Maltese were laid bare in the Panama Papers and Swiss Leaks. Information supplied by the Tax Compliance Unit (TCU) shows that €6.3 million has been recovered from its investigations into the Panama Papers data,… Read More
10th August 2017
Israel state prosecutors filed on Tuesday indictments for various corruption charges against 10 public officials linked to the far-right Yisrael Beytenu (Israel is Our Home) political party, Israeli media reported. The indictments are the result of a two-year-long investigation known as Case 242, and have been described by the Justice… Read More
9th August 2017
Housewife accused, along with her policeman husband and her former business partner, of swindling investors. A housewife on trial with her policeman husband over a HK$20 million investment scam reselling Rolex watches and Hermes handbags told a court on Tuesday that she lost money too, while she denied running the… Read More
8th August 2017
CLEVELAND, Ohio — A Cleveland attorney in federal prison for laundering money in a manner he learned from watching fictional sleazebag lawyer Saul Goodman on the TV show “Breaking Bad” has lost his appeal. Matthew King, 46, took $20,000 from a federal informant named Marcus Terry with the promise that… Read More
2nd August 2017
Romania’s National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) decided on Monday (July 31) to indict Serghei Bulgac, the CEO of Digi Communications, one of the biggest telecom groups in Romania. This means that the prosecutors have finalized their investigation and will send Bulgac to court on money laundering charges. DNA officially informed Serghei… Read More
2nd August 2017
One of Honduras’ most powerful and politically-connected business tycoons, Yani Rosenthal, has pleaded guilty to a money laundering charge in the United States, suggesting the possibility that he could provide information on other Honduran elites involved in criminal activities. Rosenthal pleaded guilty July 26 in a US federal court to… Read More
28th July 2017
Uzbekistan said Friday that it has jailed the eldest daughter of late president Islam Karimov, Gulnara Karimova — once a prominent socialite, fashion designer and singer — after charging her with massive fraud and money laundering.In a statement the Uzbekistan Prosecutor-General’s Office said that “Gulnara Karimova has been charged” with… Read More
21st July 2017
The former general manager of a Miami-based firm pleaded guilty Wednesday to violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by conspiring to pay $3 million in bribes to win a contract from Haiti’s state-owned telecommunications company. Amadeus Richers, 66, of Brazil, pleaded guilty in federal court in Miami to one count… Read More
19th July 2017
A Glendora banking customer was found guilty of using that bank to launder bribes, according to the department of Justice. Heon-Cheol Chi, the 59-year-old former director of South Korea’s Earthquake Research Center at the Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM) has been found guilty of using a Southern… Read More
13th July 2017
Former BSI Singapore banker Yeo Jiawei was sentenced to 4½ years in jail yesterday for money laundering and cheating. It was the longest sentence meted out so far over the massive global probe involving billions of dollars allegedly misappropriated from Malaysian state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). Read More