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Philippines Billionaire Razon Sued for Ending Manila Casino Deal

Philippines billionaire Enrique Razon was sued in New York by a company that claims the tycoon illegally terminated an agreement to operate a Manila casino and is hiding assets in the U.S. to avoid paying an arbitration award. The suit, filed Monday in federal court in New York by Global… Read More

1MDB Case Hits Setback as Judge Rules Against U.S. Justice Department

A U.S. judge rejected the Justice Department’s attempts to seize $325 million from an oil exploration joint-venture linked to the 1MDB scandal, in a setback for federal prosecutors in a multibillion dollar kleptocracy case. The U.S. ruling emerged at a London court hearing this week where Petrosaudi Oil Services… Read More

Ukraine imposes sanctions on former President Yanukovich

Ukraine has imposed sanctions on former President Viktor Yanukovich and ex-Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, freezing their assets and property, banning them from withdrawing capital from the country and stripping them of all state awards. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy provided details of the sanctions in a televised statement, confirming an announcement earlier… Read More
18th March 2021
AP — Thailand’s anti-money laundering authorities said Wednesday they have seized or frozen more than 330 million baht ($11 million) worth of assets in a sting operation against a suspected wildlife trafficking ring. The March 12 operation targeted Boonchai Bach, a Vietnamese and Thai citizen who… Read More
3rd March 2021
Lithuanian businessman Rimandas Stonys, active in the energy area, has been detained as part of an investigation into a fuel VAT fraud scheme, sources confirmed to BNS on Tuesday. LNK News reported on Tuesday that Stonys was being questioned in Kaunas. Stonys is the owner of Kauno Termofikacinė Elektrinė and… Read More
3rd March 2021
In one of the biggest money laundering cases registered by it so far, the Enforcement Directorate has started attachment of assets of people associated with main accused Naresh Jain, a hawala dealer. Jain and his associates earned Rs 565 crore just through… Read More
15th February 2021
If you’ve wondered how the Cuban economy has survived under one-party rule despite 59 years of a trade embargo imposed by its northern neighbor, a small yet wealthy Western European country offers a glimpse how. To stay afloat in difficult times, Cuba has relied on the same mechanism used by… Read More
9th February 2021
What Shakespeare said about greatness—some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them—turns out to also be true about innovation. One need look no further than various responses to the pandemic. Sectors from education to food service, filmmaking to event planning have all scrambled, with… Read More
9th February 2021
By Antonio Baquero (OCCRP), Maxime Vaudano (Le Monde) and Cecilia Anesi (IRPI), 8 February 2021 OCCRP — In 2019, an announcement appeared in the Spanish press. A major stake in one of Spain’s largest weapons manufacturers, Maxamcorp, had been sold. The Spanish government approved the deal, and… Read More
9th February 2021
OCCRP – As a result of a joint investigation with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Mexico’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) blocked dozens of bank accounts believed to be belonging to a Romanian gang allegedly involved in skimming ATMs in Cancun and other tourist destinations… Read More
8th February 2021
Private-equity and hedge funds face an increased risk that the U.S. will close a longstanding money-laundering loophole for assets they manage. All it would take is the Biden administration to quickly revive a rule that was developed during Barack Obama’s term but left unused by Donald Trump. The U.S. has… Read More
7th February 2021
Where did the buck stop? Or, rather, where did the duffel bags stuffed with $20 bills – suspected to be from Vancouver’s deadly, illicit opioid trade – stop? That’s the constant question circling over the public inquiry into money laundering in B.C. during recent testimony from four key executives from… Read More
3rd February 2021
Russian metals tycoon Viktor Vekselberg has had more than $1.5 billion worth of foreign assets frozen as a result of U.S. sanctions, he told Forbes magazine. Owner of the commodities and communications conglomerate Renova Group, Vekselberg was placed under U.S. sanctions in April 2018, as part… Read More