20th March 2019
Kenya’s High Court acquitted a British aristocrat on Thursday of smuggling cocaine in a shipment of sugar, ending a high-profile case that captured public interest in how the justice system would treat the scion of a prominent family. One hundred kilos of cocaine, said to be worth around $6 million,… Read More
11th March 2019
The global nature of trade brings with it huge compliance risks, exposing businesses to a wide array of rules and regulations requiring them to mitigate their exposure to money laundering and other financial crimes. One of the biggest risks that businesses face is employing third parties, be they suppliers, agents,… Read More
20th December 2018
AP — Hackers have spent years eavesdropping on the diplomatic communications of European Union officials, a U.S. cybersecurity firm said Wednesday, an operation disrupted only after researchers discovered hundreds of intercepted documents lying around on the internet. The documents were discovered a few months ago after a malicious email was… Read More
2nd November 2018
Minister vows crackdown on public schools that ‘don’t ask many questions if suspicious people come along with cash’ Private schools are being used to launder dirty money and will be targeted by the government’s new plan to combat organised crime, a security minister has said. The new serious and… Read More
25th January 2018
MEPs have urged police investigate all allegations of corruption in Malta – particularly at the highest political level – in a bid to end the perceived impunity in the country. Officials met to discuss the ongoing allegations of corruption and money laundering plaguing the island, as well as to assess… Read More
22nd September 2017
Banks and building societies in the United Kingdom are to carry out immigration checks on 70 million current accounts from January in the biggest extension of Theresa May’s plans to create a “hostile environment” for illegal immigrants in Britain, the Guardian has learned. The Home Office expects to identify 6,000… Read More
18th September 2017
The father of the Bell Pottinger executive at the centre of the South Africa scandal that brought down the City PR firm has resigned from his role as a board member of London-listed pest control and hygiene firm Rentokil Initial. Chris Geoghegan – the father of 34-year-old Victoria Geoghegan who… Read More
9th August 2017
It is the oil-rich Middle Eastern monarchy that has long attracted fraudsters, fugitives and shady characters. But the United Arab Emirates’ status as a safe haven for criminals may have been smashed following the arrest of five Sydney men allegedly behind the importation of 1.9 tonnes of narcotics. Mick and… Read More
7th August 2017
Former top aide to Netanyahu believes actions regarding personal business were not criminal offenses. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s former chief of staff, Ari Harow, who turned state’s witness on Friday, told his associates that he did not turn his back on Netanyahu, and that he does not believe his actions were… Read More
23rd June 2017
A heroin trafficker has walked free from the ACT Supreme Court after a judge ended his year-long stint in jail and acquitted him of money laundering. Justice David Mossop found Chang-Kee Song, 43, not guilty on the charge after the man told the court he made $250,000 police found at his Phillip… Read More