23rd July 2019
The UK National Crime Agency (NCA) has seized gold worth approximately £4 million as part of a money-laundering investigation into a suspected South American drug cartel. Law enforcement officials interdicted the gold in June at Heathrow Airport, where it was in the process of being shipped from the Cayman Islands… Read More
19th July 2019
A U.K. court froze 10 million pounds ($12.5 million) of property that authorities suspect was bought with money from drug trafficking, armed robberies and supplying firearms. On July 12, the National Crime Agency secured a so-called Unexplained Wealth Order against eight properties owned by an unidentified businessman in the north… Read More
19th July 2019
Transnational crime groups are trafficking vast quantities of methamphetamine made in Southeast Asia, the United Nations said on Thursday, putting the value of the Asia-Pacific market for the drug between $30.3 billion and $61.4 billion. The explosion in the meth trade, from an estimated $15 billion in 2013, comes as… Read More
19th July 2019
Canadian police on Thursday said they had arrested nine suspected members of a powerful Mafia clan with roots in southern Italy involved in money laundering and illegal gambling in the Toronto area, seizing C$35 million ($26.8 million) in assets, including five Ferraris. Over three days, police raided 48 cafes, businesses… Read More
19th July 2019
European law enforcement agencies set to lose the ability to tap criminals’ mobile devices with the launch of 5G technology must be brought into discussions earlier when communications networks are modernised, the new head of Europol told Reuters. Appealing to EU leaders for greater powers to fight tech-savvy criminals, Catherine… Read More
18th July 2019
Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the Mexican drug lord found guilty of running a murderous criminal enterprise that smuggled tons of drugs into the United States, was sentenced by a U.S. judge on Wednesday to spend the rest of his life in prison. Guzman berated the U.S. justice system, and a… Read More
17th July 2019
The U.S. House of Representatives has passed legislation to apply sanctions on Cambodian officials deemed responsible for undermining democracy in the Southeast Asian nation, drawing condemnation from Prime Minister Hun Sen’s regime, which said the move would damage bilateral relations. The Cambodia Democracy Act of 2019—originally introduced by Representative Ted… Read More
16th July 2019
AP — The Trump administration came out strongly Monday against Facebook’s ambitious plan to create a new digital currency, as the Treasury chief warned it could be used for illicit activity such as money laundering, human trafficking and financing terrorism. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin expressed “very serious concerns” about the… Read More
15th July 2019
The founder of a Washington private intelligence company is in deep trouble with the feds for his alleged willingness to take on a risky new client: a Mexican drug cartel. On Wednesday, federal law enforcement raided the house and seized the electronics of executive Michael Bagley in connection with a… Read More
12th July 2019
Credit Suisse is ensnared in a Swiss criminal probe into alleged money laundering involving a criminal organization and the illegal drug trade. The Swiss attorney general has named the investigation “Bulco”: prosecutors are investigating alleged money laundering by a criminal organization, weekly Schweiz am Wochenende (in German) reported. The… Read More