23rd November 2020
The arrest of three men this week in connection with last year’s €1bn (£892m) jewel heist at Dresden’s famous Green Vault museum has shone a rare light on the “Arab clans” who increasingly dominate organised crime in Berlin. The arrested men are all members of the Remmo Clan, a single… Read More
18th November 2020
U.S. prosecutors will drop drug charges against ex-Mexican Defense Minister Salvador Cienfuegos and turn over the investigation to Mexico, saying “sensitive” foreign policy considerations outweighed the interest in pressing the case. The surprise decision to dismiss the charges in the politically explosive case was announced in a joint statement on… Read More
17th November 2020
Crown says it will stop dealing with any junket operators unless they are licensed, as unprecedented scrutiny of their use by three regulators puts pressure on the company’s casino licences and its share price. The decision, which Crown announced to the ASX on Tuesday morning, builds on the company’s move in… Read More
16th November 2020
By David Klein, OCCRP, 13 November 2020 OCCRP – The years-long rise in international gold prices has driven a new artisanal gold mining and refining rush in conflict-affected areas in East and Central Africa and has turned the United Arab Emirates into the foremost launderer of such gold, according… Read More
16th November 2020
A mother and her son formed part of a burglary gang that stole jewellery and money from the homes of Tamara Ecclestone, the Chelsea football manager Frank Lampard and the late owner of Leicester City FC, a court was told. The burglary at Ms Ecclestone’s London home was described as… Read More
13th November 2020
By Will Fitzgibbon, ICIJ, 12 November 2020 ICIJ – “Hello Will, this is Brandon Hubbard, you sent me a letter.” The last thing I expected when reporting on the FinCEN Files investigation was a nighttime reply from a convicted drug dealer. “Texting because this jail provides iPods to do so… Read More
13th November 2020
Financial intelligence regulator AUSTRAC is preparing to unleash a wave of guidance including as many as five detailed risk assessments for banks and non-bank lenders and a new division that will engage directly with regulated entities and spell out what is expected of them. The enigmatic regulator is preparing as… Read More
13th November 2020
Daryl Tottenham, the man with oversight of anti-money-laundering programs in B.C. casinos, still can’t fathom why his predecessor went to the media. Tottenham told the Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering in B.C. this week that his former supervisor Ross Alderson was suffering a mental breakdown and the whistleblower’s allegations… Read More
12th November 2020
By Zdravko Ljubas, OCCRP, 10 November 2020 OCCRP – Law enforcement agencies across the world seized tonnes of protected wildlife and forestry specimens and products, such as ivory, red sandalwood, and turtles, during a month-long Interpol-coordinated operation which saw hundreds of arrests and prompted investigations worldwide. Operation Thunder 2020… Read More
10th November 2020
By Héctor Silva Ávalos, InSight Crime, 8 November 2020 InSightCrime – Tegucigalpa mayor Nasry “Tito” Asfura — who has announced he will run for president in Honduras’ 2021 elections — has been named in a government investigation into the embezzlement of more than a million dollars in city funds,… Read More