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FATF Says It Is Open to Amending Crypto Travel Rule Guidance

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is open to amending the “travel rule,” its guidance for cryptocurrency exchanges and companies providing crypto services. The anti-money laundering watchdog said Thursday it is confident the crypto industry will be able to implement complex data… Read More

Russian Hacker Stole Identities of Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients in Sordid Scheme

A Russian hacker stole the identities of 22 of 75 living U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, using their pilfered personal data to buy tens of thousands of dollars worth of Apple products and luxury watches from American military exchanges, according to a Secret Service search… Read More

Art, amulets and cryptokitties: the new frontier of cryptocurrencies

Pudding Daintytot is a pink cat, with hearts sprinkled over its chest, a rainbow cresting behind it, draconic horns, wings and a tail. “Born” in January 2019, Pudding is a “cryptokitty”: an example of what is known as a “non-fungible token”, the latest cryptocurrency craze –… Read More
25th February 2021
It was just past midnight on Jan. 7, 2021, when “Nick Wendell” (a pseudonym) lost half a million dollars in bitcoin. Bitcoin’s price was roaring toward $40,000, and Wendell was moving some of his bitcoin to a paper wallet generated by BitcoinPaperWallet.com. These wallets allow you… Read More
22nd February 2021
A Nigerian social-media celebrity helped North Korean hackers launder money stolen from a Maltese bank, U.S. officials said. Ramon Olorunwa Abbas played a supporting role in cyber-scams perpetrated by three computer programmers accused of extorting more than $1.3 billion of cash and cryptocurrency, the Justice Department said on Feb. 17. Read More
22nd February 2021
Investigative authorities in the United States this week announced the arrest of six Ghanaians suspected to be involved in a cyber-fraud operation that saw them rip off victims to the tune of $50 million.  According to the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, the defendants… Read More
18th February 2021
North Korea was accused of being behind the 2014 hack of an internal computer network of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., an audacious attack that exposed Hollywood secrets and destroyed company data. On Wednesday, U.S. officials said that was only the beginning. In indicting three North Korean computer programmers… Read More
16th February 2021
Criminals who keep their funds in cryptocurrency tend to launder funds through a small cluster of online services, blockchain investigations firm Chainalysis said in a report last week. This includes services like high-risk (low-reputation) crypto-exchange portals, online gambling platforms, cryptocurrency mixing services, and financial services that support cryptocurrency operations headquartered… Read More
11th February 2021
U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Wednesday warned about an “explosion of risk” from digital markets, including the misuse of cryptocurrencies, but said new financial technologies could also help fight crime and reduce inequality. In remarks to a financial sector innovation roundtable, Yellen said such technologies could be used to… Read More
4th February 2021
By Will Neal, OCCRP, 3 February 2021 OCCRP — COVID-19 transformed the global economy. While governments fought over scarce medical supplies, much of the world’s population sat at home. As workplaces stood unattended and malls lay empty, the massive resulting increase in internet traffic brought with it… Read More
4th February 2021
Tencent Holdings Ltd on Wednesday named 37 companies it had blacklisted from future contracts and said it has fired more than 100 staff over embezzlement and bribery incidents. Tencent, China’s biggest social media and video games company, said in a social media post that it had reported 40 employees to… Read More
26th January 2021
Insurers are inadvertently funding organised crime by paying out claims from companies who have paid ransoms to regain access to data and systems after a hacking attack, Britain’s former top cybersecurity official has warned. Ciaran Martin, who ran the National Cyber Security Centre until last August, said he feared that… Read More
26th January 2021
Cryptocurrency-related crime fell last year to a small fraction of overall trading volume. But some targeted hacks boomed as criminals exploited people working from home during the pandemic. Last year, illicit activity made up 0.34% of all cryptocurrency transaction volume, according to a report from blockchain… Read More