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US imposes sanctions on Iranian intelligence, Hezbollah-linked targets in Lebanon

The United States rolled out sweeping new sanctions on Thursday, blacklisting cyber actors the Donald Trump administration says are backed by Iranian intelligence and Lebanon-based targets it says are linked to Hezbollah. The US Department of Treasury sanctioned two Lebanon-based companies, Arch Consulting and Meamar Construction, for alleged links to the… Read More

China-backed hackers broke into 100 firms and agencies, U.S. says

The Justice Department said on Wednesday that a group of hackers associated with China’s main intelligence service had infiltrated more than 100 companies and organizations around the world to steal intelligence, hijack their networks and extort their victims. The United States government presented the allegations in a set of three… Read More

U.S. charges two Russian nationals who allegedly stole cryptocurrencies

The U.S. Justice Department charged two Russian nationals who prosecutors say defrauded three cryptocurrency exchanges and their customers, resulting in losses of at least $16.8 million. Danil Potekhin and Dmitrii Karasavidi were charged in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco with aggravated identity theft, conspiracy to commit computer fraud… Read More
15th September 2020
When the Twitter account of its own chief executive, Jack Dorsey, was taken over by hackers last year, a stream of tweets with racial slurs, profanity and praise for Adolf Hitler were posted for 30 minutes. Weeks later, the food writer and campaigner Jack Monroe lost £5,000 from… Read More
7th September 2020
The Council of Europe’s Moneyval Committee published new findings Thursday on the emerging financial-crime risks stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, including fraud schemes linked to medical and protective equipment. The report concluded that, while the overall level of criminality has remained stable since the beginning of the pandemic, countries are… Read More
4th September 2020
SWIFT and BAE Systems Applied Intelligence have published a new report describing the complex web of money mules, front companies and cryptocurrencies that criminals use to siphon funds from the financial system after a cyber-attack. SWIFT commissioned BAE Systems to investigate this element of the money laundering process as part… Read More
31st August 2020
More than 1,000 Russians obtained a Cypriot passport through Cyprus’s citizenship-by-investment scheme, Al Jazeera can reveal after an investigation of more than 1,400 leaked documents. The Cyprus Papers consist of 1,471 applications, containing the names of 2,544 people who received a Cypriot passport between late 2017 and late 2019. The… Read More
28th August 2020
U.S. authorities on Thursday moved to seize 280 cryptocurrency accounts they said were used by North Korean hackers who stole more than a quarter of a billion dollars from cryptocurrency companies around the world, including one in the U.S. The U.S. Justice Department said the accounts targeted in the civil… Read More
28th August 2020
“We created DarkSide because we didn’t find the perfect product for us,” reads the launch announcement. “Now we have it.” It’s a line that could come out of any number of VC-friendly pitch decks, but DarkSide is no startup. It’s the latest strain of ransomware built to shake down… Read More
27th August 2020
Hackers linked to North Korea have used LinkedIn as part of a major heist to steal cryptocurrency, new research has revealed. The notorious Lazarus Group, which was behind the 2014 cyber attacks on Sony, carried out an attack against a cryptocurrency organisation using a tailored job advert posted… Read More
24th August 2020
Reports of fraud increased nearly sixfold among Barclays customers last month as the spike in scams reported by the bank during lockdown accelerated still further. The bank received 465 reports of fraud in July 2019 compared with 2,699 cases last month, after cases rose 66 per cent in the first… Read More
20th August 2020
Law enforcement in Ukraine has announced today the arrest of a cybercrime gang who ran 20 cryptocurrency exchanges where they laundered more than $42 million in funds for criminal groups. The group, which authorities said had three members, has been operating from Ukraine’s Poltava region since 2018. According to Ukrainian… Read More
17th August 2020
Romania’s Minister of the Interior, Marcel Vela, on Friday announced the arrest and extradition to the US of an alleged human trafficking kingpin wanted by the US for eight immigration-related charges. The accused “is at the top of a network of international human trafficking [gangs operating] in Romania, Mexico and… Read More