31st March 2017
Technology Tools to Tackle Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud demonstrates how technology is currently being used by tax administrations in countries worldwide to prevent, identify and tackle tax evasion and tax fraud. These solutions can offer a win-win: better detection of crime, higher revenue recovery, and synergies that can make… Read More
22nd March 2017
The agreement follows a number of high profile cyber-attacks on banking systems around the world, which has brought banking security to the top of the agenda. Read More
20th March 2017
How can banks identify white collar crime in an expected, streamlined manner without impeding legitimate transactions? Read More
8th March 2017
The overwhelming interest in PwC’s Forensics Summit held in Bangkok yesterday shows how seriously Thailand’s top companies are treating the threat of corruption and other financial crimes, said Vorapong Sutanont, PwC Consulting (Thailand) Forensics partner. Read More
6th March 2017
Mobile money providers like M-Pesa have disrupted traditional financial systems in many countries in ways conventional banks could only dream of. Read More
28th February 2017
Former Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday that the technology that underpins digital currency bitcoin could be used to revolutionise governance and reduce global corruption. Read More
27th February 2017
Online financial services and lending companies are increasingly being targeted by fraudsters and costing consumers millions of pounds around the world last year alone, according to research. Read More
23rd February 2017
Poland’s Financial Ombudsman has called on the country’s Ministry of Finance to regulate the local cryptocurrency industry. Read More
23rd February 2017
The nation's first state-mandated cybersecurity regulations regarding banking and financial services companies are scheduled to go into effect in New York state on March 1. Read More
23rd February 2017
Legislators in West Virginia want to make it a felony to launder money with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Read More