16th December 2016
Payment Systems Regulator says banks should cooperate better when customers are tricked into cash transfers by fraudsters Read More
15th December 2016
National Audit Office estimates shoppers lost £14.8bn last year and says protection systems do not provide value for money Read More
14th December 2016
Professor Nicholas Ryder discusses the provisions and limitations of the UK government’s Criminal Finances Bill (currently at committee stage in the Commons). Nicholas is Professor of Financial Crime at the University of the West of England and is a regular contributor to KYC360. He is the founder and series editor of Routledge’s… Read More
12th December 2016
FCA is checking if other banks also used sequential numbers Read More
9th December 2016
Tougher rules are needed to protect investors in crowdfunding platforms, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has said. It said it was too difficult to assess the risks and returns of investments, and suggested applying “mortgage-lending standards” to loan-based platforms. Read More
6th December 2016
A bank break-in has left 25,000 customers at risk of fraud after thieves stole computers containing people’s financial details. Read More
2nd December 2016
Federal investigators in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe today say they’ve dismantled a sprawling cybercrime machine known as “Avalanche”. Read More
2nd December 2016
Academics say working out card number, expiry date and security code of Visa card takes ‘as little as six seconds’. Read More
1st December 2016
ISIS, among others, are using complex schemes to clean up funds - and it's up to us to find solutions to the problem. Read More
29th November 2016
Hackers have days ago breached a Liechtenstein bank and are allegedly blackmailing customers by threatening to release their account data if ransoms are not paid. Read More