3rd February 2020
Another three people have been arrested in connection with last year’s €13 million Bank of Valletta cyber heist, after €950,000 was funneled through an account in Northern Ireland. Friday’s announcement by the UK’s National Crime Agency follows the arrest of three other men in Belfast and London earlier this week. Read More
31st January 2020
By every measure, US sanctions are devastating Iran’s economy. The value of the rial has plummeted by half since 2018, when President Trump began dismantling the nuclear deal and reimposing embargoes. Food prices are spiralling, and the country’s foreign currency reserves have been slashed by a fifth since 2013. Read More
27th January 2020
Reports of suspicious transactions submitted by banks and betting firms in Denmark have increased tenfold in recent years, straining anti-money laundering authorities which drew heavy criticism on Friday from a state auditor. Banks across the Nordic region are facing increasing scrutiny by regulators after a string of money laundering scandals,… Read More
27th January 2020
Cyberattacks waged against cryptocurrency exchanges are now common, but the theft of just over $7 million from the Singapore-based exchange DragonEx last March stands out for at least three reasons. First there is the extremely elaborate phishing scheme the attackers used to get in, which involved not only fake websites… Read More
22nd January 2020
Britain’s tax agency is inviting contractors to provide a tech tool to help Britain’s tax agency combat crypto cybercriminals. What the agency wants The technology, which Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) posted on Jan. 17 in an open contract call worth 100,000 pounds sterling, should gather intelligence through… Read More
16th January 2020
Criminals have long turned to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to carry out crimes including ransomware and extortion. But as law enforcement has improved at tracking the semi-anonymous currencies, criminals have had to devise new tactics for turning ill-gotten crypto proceeds back into cash. In response, a… Read More
8th January 2020
Some security experts have warned that Iranian hackers may go after U.S. targets, including financial services companies, in retaliation for the U.S. government’s assassination of the Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani. Esmail Ghaani, Soleimani’s replacement as head of Iran’s army, said on Monday that “God the Almighty has promised to… Read More
3rd January 2020
Recent research and corporate disclosures have highlighted the fact that video games aren’t only for entertainment. They can also serve as a medium for money laundering, the Financial Times reported Thursday. A report published in October by RUSI noted the video-game marketplaces involve the exchange of virtual artefacts… Read More
24th December 2019
Holly Kay bought eight $1,000 Macy’s gift cards at a California mall because a scammer told her to on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Forty minutes later, she bought $13,000 more in gift cards at that store. The ease with which Ms. Kay was able to complete those purchases underscores the… Read More
16th December 2019
A Senate panel will take up discussion of a hard-hitting Russia sanctions bill at its next business meeting after skipping a vote earlier this month on the controversial legislation. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will debate the Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act — described by Senator Lindsey Graham… Read More