1st December 2016
Two top Indian-American executives were today arrested in the US for allegedly misrepresenting their company's finances to inflate its stock price. Read More
30th November 2016
Taiwan has expressed its "stern opposition" to Malaysia's deportation of 21 Taiwanese suspected of multi-million dollar telecoms fraud to China. Read More
30th November 2016
Estimated €5bn a year is lost in tax revenues as many import firms illegally underdeclare value of goods arriving in EU. Read More
30th November 2016
China's police body has set up five specialist units to deal with financial crime. Read More
29th November 2016
Robertson Stephens & Co. co-founder Robert Colman accused Theranos Inc. in a lawsuit filed Monday of making false and misleading claims about its operations and technology while soliciting money from investors. Read More
29th November 2016
Tesco's former CEO Philip Clarke will not face any charges from the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) over the accounting scandal at the retailer. Read More
29th November 2016
Guardian investigation finds goods such as iPads and laptops being sold tax-free. Read More
28th November 2016
Financial innovation firm R3 is seeking to use blockchain technology to streamline identification processes in regards to Know Your Customer registries. They've created a proof-of-concept for a system where an individual manages their own ID on a distributed public ledger. Read More
25th November 2016
What explains this black hole in the economy? The answer is almost entirely poor governance by Jacob Zuma, a president who may soon face 783 charges of fraud, corruption and racketeering. Read More
24th November 2016
Richard Boath claims his position was jeopardised when Serious Fraud Office shared transcript with bank, tribunal hears. Read More