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China Passes Law to Counter Foreign Sanctions

China enacted a new law aimed at countering foreign sanctions, in response to U.S. and European efforts to pressure Beijing on issues spanning human rights, trade and technology. Senior members of China’s legislature approved the “anti-foreign-sanctions law” on Thursday, state media said, following an expedited process that skipped public consultation… Read More

U.S. blacklists four Nicaraguans, including Ortega’s daughter

The United States on Wednesday imposed sanctions on four Nicaraguans, including a daughter of President Daniel Ortega, and Washington warned it would continue to use diplomatic and economic tools against members of the leftist government that it accused of undermining democracy. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken urged Ortega to… Read More

U.S. ‘Modernizes’ Sanctions Policy For Western Balkans To Go After Corruption

The United States is “modernizing” its sanctions policy in the Western Balkans by further targeting corruption, human rights abuses, and acts that threaten democracy in the region, the State Department said. “The United States recognizes that corruption threatens economic equity, global anti-poverty and development efforts, and democracy itself,” Secretary… Read More
4th June 2021
The European Union will impose a new round of sanctions on Myanmar’s military junta and its economic interests in the coming days, EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell told Reuters on Thursday. In an interview in Jakarta after meetings with Southeast Asian diplomats, Borrell said the fresh sanctions from the… Read More
27th May 2021
Hong Kong’s security chief sent letters to media tycoon Jimmy Lai and branches of HSBC and Citibank this month threatening up to seven years’ jail for any dealings with the billionaire’s accounts in the city, according to documents seen by Reuters. The letters, signed by Secretary for Security John Lee,… Read More
27th May 2021
The European Union is aiming to hit Belarus with a new round of sanctions by June over the forced landing of Ryanair flight FR4978 and the arrest of a journalist, with tougher economic measures to follow by the summer, according to an EU official familiar with the matter. The more… Read More
25th May 2021
The State Department announced Sunday visa restrictions for Ethiopian and Eritrean government officials and members of security forces over atrocities tied to a months-long conflict in northern Ethiopia. Secretary of State Antony Blinken also announced that the U.S. has imposed wide-ranging restrictions on economic and security… Read More
25th May 2021
EU leaders triggered new economic sanctions against Belarus and punitive measures against its national airline as a dissident taken from a “hijacked” Ryanair flight was paraded on the country’s television news apparently confessing to crimes against the state. In a summit communique swiftly agreed in Brussels on Monday night,… Read More
23rd May 2021
The US is imposing sanctions on two Houthi commanders leading the fighting in Yemen’s Marib province, Washington’s special envoy to the country said on Thursday. It comes as the Houthi militias that control a large part of the country continue to block efforts by the UN and the US to… Read More
14th May 2021
By Will Fitzgibbon, ICIJ, 12 May 2021 ICIJ — Europe’s top human rights court has rejected an appeal brought by a whistleblower who was fined by a Luxembourg court for revelations that helped expose industrial-scale tax dodging. The European Court of Human Rights on Tuesday… Read More
11th May 2021
The migrant-smuggling business in Western Balkan countries is worth at least 50 million euros a year, the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime NGO said in a report published on Monday. The report assesses the money being made by smugglers in the three key smuggling zones in the Western… Read More
7th May 2021
Wall Street firms have urged the Biden administration to ease the industry’s burden in complying with a flood of financial sanctions the U.S. has levied in recent years as a primary tool of foreign policy toward Russia, China, Iran and other adversaries. Financial services industry groups have asked for more… Read More
6th May 2021
By Farley Sweatman, Strife, 5 May 2021 Strife — In the early morning of February 1, 2021, the Tatmadaw (the official name for the armed forces of Myanmar) staged a coup to reclaim its status as the sole source of political power in the country by… Read More