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Libya’s interim PM elected through bribery, UN inquiry says

The legitimacy of Libya’s new interim prime minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, has been thrown into doubt by a UN inquiry finding that he allegedly gained power after his supporters offered bribes as high as $200,000 to attract votes. His supporters allegedly offered the money in a hotel in Tunis where… Read More

EU slaps sanctions on 19 top Venezuelan officials over election fraud

EU foreign ministers on Monday imposed sanctions on 19 leading Venezuelan officials accused of undermining democracy or violating human rights in the South American country. The officials — which include high-ranking generals and other army commanders as well as supreme court judges and senior politicians from the regime of strongman… Read More

Human traffickers use transportation corridors to avoid detection: report

Human traffickers are using transportation corridors to exploit more women and girls in Canada, a new report says. The report by The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking, found that by continuously moving through cities and provinces sex traffickers keep their victims confused and unable to… Read More
23rd February 2021
In early December, an Israeli billionaire named Dan Gertler made an unusual request to the Treasury Department. A mining magnate who had been accused for years of corruption in deals he struck with leaders of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mr. Gertler had been slapped with… Read More
17th February 2021
BNP Paribas will have to defend itself against a U.S. lawsuit claiming the bank facilitated human rights abuses in the Sudan, after a New York federal judge rejected parts of its request to dismiss the case. The suit claims BNP’s decision to continue serving as Sudan’s banker in the… Read More
15th February 2021
AP – Russia is prepared for a split with the European Union if the EU imposes new crippling sanctions amid a dispute over the treatment of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the nation’s top diplomat warned Friday. In response to a question about Moscow’s willingness to rupture… Read More
10th February 2021
European Union foreign-policy chief Josep Borrell vowed to draw up more EU sanctions against Russia as he defended his trip to Moscow last week after the country jailed opposition leader Alexey Navalny. Borrell told the European Parliament on Tuesday in Brussels that “the Russian government is going… Read More
4th February 2021
Gangs linked to deadly cash heists are said to be plundering SA’s gold mines in brazen attacks which have left the country’s mining community reeling. The Hawks confirmed that R52m in the precious metal has been stolen since 2018. Since then, at least 25 gold smelters in Gauteng, North West,… Read More
4th February 2021
The U.S. has gone to court to seize 2 million barrels of oil that it claims came from Iran, as Joe Biden’s administration shows little sign of taking a softer line on Tehran. The Department of Justice filed a case in a U.S. district court, seeking to seize the cargo… Read More
2nd February 2021
U.S. President Joe Biden, facing his first major international crisis after Myanmar’s military seized power, could impose a new program of sanctions, cut aid or target generals and the companies they run to pressure for a return to democracy. How the new U.S. administration responds will be an early test… Read More
2nd February 2021
A close ally of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny urged U.S. President Joe Biden to take punitive action against a wider group of associates of President Vladimir Putin, saying current sanctions aren’t sufficient to stop the Kremlin from cracking down on political opponents and violating human rights. “Existing sanctions… Read More
28th January 2021
Iranian-Canadian community leaders and anti-money laundering experts say Canada is failing to police the explosive growth of Toronto-based underground currency exchanges that are laundering drug money, financing foreign terrorist groups, and supporting the Iranian regime. Kaveh Shahrooz, a lawyer and human rights activist, and Reza Banai, a Toronto businessman and… Read More
18th January 2021
Several small care organisations in Twente forced their vulnerable clients – often troubled youngsters or people with psychological or addiction issues – to work on marijuana plantations and even trafficked them for sex, according to a new report published on behalf of the healthcare ministry. The… Read More