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EU announces five-year roadmap to fight dirty money, human trafficking

The European Union will seek to increase police cooperation, target human trafficking and establish new rules to counter money laundering, according to plans detailed by the European Commission on Wednesday. The EU executive set out a five-year roadmap of legislative proposals and initiatives designed to combat organised criminal gangs, who… Read More

Libya releases man described as one of world’s most wanted human traffickers

Libyan authorities have released a man described as one of the world’s most wanted human traffickers, who was placed under sanctions by the UN security council for being directly involved in the sinking of migrant boats. The coastguard commander Abd al-Rahman Milad, known by his alias Bija, is suspected of… Read More

Interpol Leads International Crackdown on Human Trafficking, Smuggling

By Julett Pineda Sleinan, OCCRP, 13 April 2021 OCCRP — In a joint operation led by Interpol, police from 24 countries arrested 195 suspects of human trafficking and migrants smuggling and rescued 500 victims, including children, the international police organization said on Friday. Operation Weka… Read More
13th April 2021
The last decade or so has seen a significant increase in the scale and responsibility of the compliance function. Major financial institutions have made substantial investments in the sector, resulting in a huge array of opportunities for those looking to work in compliance. Although this increase in interest has been… Read More
6th April 2021
A sophisticated human trafficking network dismantled in Colombia, illustrates a pattern in how Venezuelan citizens, particularly women, are recruited. On March 27, Colombian authorities managed to arrest and indict members of an organized criminal group (Grupo de Delincuencia Organizado – GDO) known as “Los PEP,” who… Read More
16th March 2021
Imagine for a moment the world of organized crime in Southeast Asia, and you may picture meth labs, human-trafficking rings, or the billion-dollar trade in endangered species. But lately law enforcement has noticed the oddest of goods circulating in the underworld: plastic junk such as bottles, candy wrappers and… Read More
8th March 2021
By Julett Pineda Sleinan, OCCRP, 6 March 2021 OCCRP — Colombia is considering centralizing the purchase of gold to combat illegal mining, violence, and environmental damage and prevent the mineral from entering the black market. President Ivan Duque said during a regional conference on mining… Read More
4th March 2021
The United States says it is “deeply concerned” over the release from pretrial detention of a Kyrgyz organized-crime figure for whom Washington has offered a $1 million reward. In a statement on March 3, the U.S. Embassy in Bishkek described Kamchy Kolbaev as a “transnational organized-crime… Read More
23rd February 2021
Human traffickers are using transportation corridors to exploit more women and girls in Canada, a new report says. The report by The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking, found that by continuously moving through cities and provinces sex traffickers keep their victims confused and unable to… Read More
21st February 2021
Within weeks of his release from a Macau prison built specifically to hold him, triad boss Wan Kuok-koi, whose rise and fall in the 1990s made headlines around the world, was back in the game. After walking out of jail on December 1, 2012, the man better known by his… Read More
16th February 2021
Criminals who keep their funds in cryptocurrency tend to launder funds through a small cluster of online services, blockchain investigations firm Chainalysis said in a report last week. This includes services like high-risk (low-reputation) crypto-exchange portals, online gambling platforms, cryptocurrency mixing services, and financial services that support cryptocurrency operations headquartered… Read More
25th January 2021
One of the world’s most wanted alleged drug barons – a billionaire dubbed Asia’s El Chapo – is set to finally face justice in Australia after federal police carried out a covert plot to arrest him after he was deported from Taiwan. Tse Chi Lop, 56, was arrested after departing… Read More
5th January 2021
Suspicious transactions worth P113.1 million related to child pornography were reported in the first half of last year, almost double the P65.8 million booked in 2019 as the government stepped up its campaign against the sexual abuse of children, the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) revealed. In a public bulletin titled… Read More