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Heightened fraud and cyber risks threaten e-commerce merchants

As consumers increasingly turn to online shopping for essential and non-essential goods while at home, fraudsters have adapted their technique to use more sophisticated tactics against consumers, banks and merchants. The situation is tenuous. A recent study from Forter shows fraud attacks increased by 19 percent, globally, from 2018 to… Read More

Hong Kong credit-card fraud syndicate stole details from Singapore victims: police

Five core members of a transnational online credit-card fraud syndicate, believed to be operating from Hong Kong, were arrested this month by the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF). The syndicate allegedly used credit card details, which were stolen via phishing emails from cardholders in Singapore, to make a series of… Read More

‘Egregious and cruel’: Chinese students targeted in elaborate virtual kidnapping scam

Chinese international students are being forced to stage photos of themselves bound and blindfolded in an elaborate extortion con in which scammers obtain millions of dollars. In one case last month, a Chinese father paid $2 million after he received a video of his Australia-based daughter at an unknown location… Read More
27th July 2020
By the time Dartanyon Williams was 15-years-old, he was already an identity thief. At 19, he had begun to recruit accomplices twice his age to help build a criminal enterprise that ultimately netted him $3.1 million before his eventual arrest. What had begun as rudimentary payment card fraud using his father’s… Read More
14th July 2020
Britain has at least 100,000 slave workers – 10 times the official figure – according to a new report. William Hague, the former UK foreign secretary, has called for a renewed drive to tackle the “terrible crime” of holding another human being enslaved after the report found a rise in… Read More
8th July 2020
Hackers with suspected ties to the North Korean regime are intercepting and stealing U.S. shoppers’ credit card details during online payments. Cybercriminals with links to a state-sponsored unit known as “Hidden Cobra” have been breaking into the websites of “large U.S retailers” and planting “skimmers” since at least May 2019,… Read More
23rd June 2020
The Council of Europe is calling for tougher tools for the fight against organized crime which only in the European Union could be making over 100 billion euro a year while authorities are confiscating just a fragment of its proceeds. To enhance the powers of investigators, the Council of… Read More
23rd June 2020
Police have frozen $140 million in bank funds linked to a Russian “computer genius” in the largest ever restraint of funds in New Zealand police history. The money was controlled by a New Zealand registered company and has been frozen as part of a global investigation into a Bitcoin exchange… Read More
18th June 2020
Americans have lost nearly $50 million in scams and fraud schemes related to the coronavirus pandemic since the beginning of the year, according to the Federal Trade Commission. The agency has received over 67,800 complaints regarding fraud schemes related to Covid-19 from consumers, with about 46% saying they lost money… Read More
17th June 2020
As banks try to stop fraudsters from exploiting unemployment insurance programs overwhelmed by the pandemic, some of their efforts are working and others are falling short. They’re finding that customers are unknowingly complicit and it’s hard to uncover the full story behind a transaction. In thousands of cases around… Read More
17th June 2020
Fifteen defendants including several Romanians have pleaded guilty before a US judge of involvement in a multi-million dollar scheme to defraud US citizens through online auctions of non-existing goods, a US Justice Department statement issued on Monday by the US embassy in Bucharest said. The defendants, many of whom were… Read More
15th June 2020
Inigo Philbrick, the elusive contemporary art dealer who disappeared in the fall after being accused of defrauding clients of more than $20 million, was arrested on Thursday by U.S. law enforcement agents on the Pacific island of Vanuatu. Mr. Philbrick has since been transported to Guam, where he is… Read More
21st May 2020
Benefit officials have told the BBC they fear that as much as £1.5bn may have been lost in fraudulent claims for Universal Credit in recent weeks. Huge demand for the benefit has seen some processes relaxed to ensure the majority of claims are paid quickly. But officials believe that some… Read More