13th February 2017
China will not return to old capital controls or go backwards on its foreign exchange management policy, the head of China’s foreign exchange regulator said in an interview with financial newspaper China Business News on Monday. Pan Gongsheng also said that the country had ample foreign exchange reserves, and volatility… Read More
9th February 2017
The first weeks of the Trump administration have not exactly been characterized by an excess of regular order. So there’s special reason to applaud a document it released last week that helps to make sense of one of the president's controversial actions -- an unprecedented executive order limiting regulation. Read More
9th February 2017
China's central bank said on Thursday it met with nine smaller local bitcoin exchanges to discuss risks and problems in the bitcoin market, and warned them that they risk closure should they seriously violate the country's regulations. Read More
8th February 2017
The Philippine Senate has moved closer to including casinos in the coverage of the country’s Anti-Money Laundering Act, as one of the Senate’s panels began analysing three different bills on the matter. Read More
6th February 2017
Prime minister Sorin Grindeanu refuses to step down despite biggest outpouring of public anger since toppling of Ceaucescu. Read More
3rd February 2017
FICO will join the Nepal banking community today at a symposium in Kathmandu to address the urgent problem of financial crime. Read More
2nd February 2017
Big US banks are warning that money laundering is one space the place they anticipate Donald Trump to keep up tough regulatory requirements, regardless of the brand new president’s pledge to ease burdens the place potential. Read More
2nd February 2017
If the Senate approves, it could change how multinationals deal with foreign governments. Read More
31st January 2017
President Donald Trump has signed an executive order designed to cut the number of regulations affecting US businesses. Read More
27th January 2017
Can the 10 point document combat the problem? Read More