17th November 2020
Eight senior Chinese  officials and organisations should face UK sanctions for their role in the repression, torture and abuse of Uyghur Muslims, according to a dossier backed by MPs and presented to Dominic Raab. The dossier alleges they have been part of an extensive campaign of repression including forced sterilisations… Read More
17th November 2020
The European Union threatened to add sanctions against Belarus over the “outrageous” death of a 31-year-old man died following his detention by the police in the capital, Minsk. Raman Bandarenka was taken away by police on Wednesday following a clash between locals hanging ribbons on a park fence in support… Read More
16th November 2020
Western Union said on Friday it was suspending U.S. money transfers to Cuba in 10 days due to the Trump administration’s latest sanction on the Communist-run island, in a blow to the many Cubans who rely on remittances from family abroad. Its customers will now have to find new ways… Read More
13th November 2020
Among the foreign-policy challenges facing President-elect Joe Biden will be the question of what to do with an array of punitive economic sanctions that have been President Trump’s primary tool for confronting U.S. rivals. Mr. Trump in nearly four years has issued 3,577 sanctions designations, imposing such penalties at a… Read More
12th November 2020
The U.S. is drawing up additional sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline project, the latest obstacle in the path of the 9.5 billion-euro ($11.2 billion) Russia-to-Germany link that’s been halted almost a year. House and Senate negotiators agreed to target insurers and technical certification companies working on… Read More
11th November 2020
On Aug. 21, a tanker called the Otoman docked at the Jose oil terminal on Venezuela’s coast in the Caribbean to load 1.82 million barrels of heavy crude, according to the state oil company’s internal documents. Yet no tanker with that name is registered in major global shipping databases. Muddying… Read More
11th November 2020
MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) has issued a consultation paper on the types of information required for non-face-to-face verification of an individual’s identity. The proposed requirements come against the backdrop of rising impersonation scam cases, and seek to address the risks arising from theft and misuse of an individual’s personal… Read More
11th November 2020
The United States on Tuesday imposed Iran-related sanctions on six companies and four people, accusing the network of supplying sensitive goods to an Iranian military firm in the Trump administration’s latest move to increase pressure on Tehran. The U.S. Treasury Department in a statement accused the companies and individuals of… Read More
11th November 2020
The U.S. has imposed sanctions on four more officials accused of undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy, showing the Trump administration is ready to keep hitting out at China even after Joe Biden won last week’s presidential election. The announcement on Monday sanctioned three officials in Hong Kong who are key to… Read More
10th November 2020
Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission has privately told financial institutions that they can comply with U.S. sanctions without facing automatic reprisals under the jurisdiction’s new national security law, the Financial Times reported. The counsel comes in response to legal concerns that a clause in the security law would… Read More