19th December 2017
BBC Law firm Appleby is taking legal action against the BBC and the Guardian over their reporting of leaked documents detailing offshore tax-avoidance schemes, known as the Paradise Papers. It is suing for breach of confidence and wants the documents disclosed. Appleby said confidential information had been taken in a… Read More
18th December 2017
By David Thorpe, FT Adviser Heightened publicity around the potential profits to be made from bitcoin is likely to lead to HMRC taking action against those reaping the rewards of the cryptocurrency’s meteoric rise, according to tax experts. Bitcoin – a type of electronic currency which works without a central… Read More
18th December 2017
CNBC The mystery behind who owns a $300 million French chateau appears to have been solved. Chateau Louis XIV is a 54,000 square foot palace near Versailles which, when sold in 2015, was described by at least two reports as “the world’s most expensive home.” The identity of the buyer… Read More
18th December 2017
Dawn Justice Faisal Arab, who was a member of the three-judge Supreme Court bench that exonerated the PTI chairman on Friday, observed in his additional note that Imran Khan did not incorporate offshore company Niazi Services Limited (NSL) to park assets acquired through embezzlement, bribery or tax evasion to keep… Read More
18th December 2017
By Evelyn Cheng, CNBC CME, the world’s largest futures exchange, launched its own bitcoin futures contract Sunday under the ticker “BTC.” The futures fell 3.8 percent to $18,760 about four hours after opening at $20,650 and rising slightly. The move lower was a stark contrast from the 19 percent… Read More
15th December 2017
The head of one of Britain’s leading financial regulators has warned people to be ready to “lose all their money” if they invest in Bitcoin. Andrew Bailey, head of the Financial Conduct Authority, told the BBC that neither central banks nor the government stood behind the “currency” and therefore it… Read More
15th December 2017
At least ten people including former vice-ministers, businessmen, their relatives and front men acting for politicians are suspected of earning more than €2 billion in illegal commissions for facilitating contracts with Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA during the rule of deceased Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez (1993–2013), according to reports compiled… Read More
14th December 2017
A committee of European Union lawmakers has voted in favour of launching new fines for money laundering offences committed across the bloc. The move is geared to address the lack of uniform definitions and penalties across the EU that currently allows criminals to exploit differences and commit crimes… Read More
13th December 2017
By Kateryna Kapliuk, OCCRP It’s been almost four years since Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s former president, fled the country after the Euromaidan revolution. But the new government’s investigators have so far been unable to establish how much money his rule has cost the country – or where it went. There has… Read More
12th December 2017
By Yen Nee Lee, CNBC The past year has seen some of the largest data breaches and ransomware attacks being reported in recent history, but 2018 could see larger, more frequent attacks, technology firm A10 Networks warned Tuesday. The company’s founder and chief executive Lee Chen added that cryptocurrencies could… Read More