27th March 2018
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly turned down a request to appear before British lawmakers, amid an ongoing row alleging users personal data was harvested and used in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Chairman of the Department for Culture Media and Sport select committee Damian Collins, said Facebook chief product officer… Read More
26th March 2018
Indian PM Narendra Modi’s official mobile application has been criticised for sending personal user data to a third party without their consent. A security researcher had tweeted that the app was sending personal user data to a third-party domain that was traced to a US company. Mr Modi’s ruling Bharatiya… Read More
25th March 2018
As with the human brain, the neural networks that power artificial intelligence systems are not easy to understand. DeepMind, the Alphabet-owned AI firm famous for teaching an AI system to play Go, is attempting to work out how such systems make decisions. By knowing how AI works, it hopes to… Read More