10th July 2017
Three men who formerly worked for a Miami-area refinery are accused of importing more than $1 billion in illegally mined gold from South America in a vast money-laundering scheme from 2013 to 2016. U.S. prosecutors say in a criminal complaint that the three ex-employees of NTR Metals Miami and accomplices… Read More
Halfway through Buhari’s term, what progress has been made in fighting corruption and other economic crimes? Read More
31st May 2017
British oilfield services company John Wood Group plc launched an internal investigation into its dealings with Unaoil, the company said in a prospectus. The SFO opened a criminal investigation of Monaco-based Unaoil last year for suspected bribery. Scotland-based John Wood Group or JWG disclosed the internal investigation in a prospectus… Read More
26th May 2017
Syria and Venezuela plotted in recent years to evade international sanctions on Syria through a secret deal to transport its crude oil through Russia to the Caribbean. The previously undisclosed plan aimed to sell Syrian oil at a big discount to Venezuela through a Russian shell company, which would send… Read More
25th May 2017
Oleg Deripaska is already worth over $5 billion. But if a planned IPO of his En+ Group goes through at the current valuation of $10 billion, he will most certainly will gain much more. What is expected to become the largest London Stock Exchange for the year proves one thing… Read More
19th May 2017
As part of the Iran nuclear deal, or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), that he inherited from his predecessor, President Donald Trump yesterday was forced to decide whether to renew the U.S. waiver on sanctions targeting Iran’s oil exports. Rather than violate the JCPOA and risk an early diplomatic… Read More
15th May 2017
Malawi’s Anti-Corruption Bureau has launched an investigation into whether money irregularly changed hands during the rushed signing of production-sharing agreements on three of Malawi’s petroleum blocks just eight days before the 2014 elections in the country. The probe was requested by a range of Malawian civil society organisations and international… Read More
12th May 2017
Barrick Gold Corp failed to complete improvements to the Veladero mine in Argentina that could have prevented the third spill of cyanide solution in 18 months, leading to eventual sanctions for the world’s biggest gold miner, a judge told Reuters. Barrick appears to have missed deadlines on three orders from… Read More
9th May 2017
Venezuela would be hit from two directions if the U.S. were ever to impose oil-related sanctions against the South American nation where at least 30 have died in anti-government protests in the past month. American drivers may pay more at the pump as well. Read More
2nd May 2017
A recent multi-million dollar tax ruling against oil giant Chevron, if allowed to stand, would have ripple effects across the globe and could deter investment into Australia according to Chevron’s global vice president and chief financial officer Patricia Yarrington. Upon release of the company’s first-quarter earnings, Ms Yarrington told US… Read More