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UK Gambling Regulator Fines Two Firms £2.8 Million for AML Lapses

Two online gaming companies will pay a combined £2.8 million for anti-money laundering (AML) compliance lapses related to client bets made with ill-gotten gains, the UK Gambling Commission said. The fines against Osaka-based Platinum Gaming Ltd and London-based Gamesys Ltd follow a combined £4.5 million in monetary outlays ordered… Read More

EU Recommends AML Measures for Six Countries

The European Commission on Wednesday called on six EU member-states to bolster their anti-money laundering (AML) supervisory and enforcement efforts in light of recent bank scandals and the risks of crypto-assets. The requests highlight recent efforts by Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Sweden and Malta… Read More

Malta failing on rule of law after journalist’s murder: draft report

The failure of Maltese authorities to identify the masterminds behind the murder of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia raises questions about the rule of law in Malta, according to Europe’s chief human rights watchdog. Caruana Galizia, whose reporting uncovered widespread corruption, was killed by a car bomb in October 2017. Read More
20th May 2019
AP — Lebanon’s health minister — named to the post by the country’s Hezbollah group — said Saturday he has overcome U.S. concerns about his ministry potentially funneling finances to the militant organization by gaining public trust and ensuring transparency. Jamil Jabak told The Associated Press that although he is… Read More
15th May 2019
Facing unprecedented pressure to clamp down on criminal groups, UK law enforcement officials are in need of an additional £2.7 billion in funding over the next three years, the head of the National Crime Agency (NCA) said Monday. The agency is seeking a 54-percent increase in its annual budget, which… Read More
3rd May 2019
AP — Marco Trungelliti has received support from the Tennis Integrity Unit more than two weeks after he complained that he’d been “used” and felt abandoned after acting as a witness in the prosecution of three fellow Argentinian players who subsequently received bans for gambling-related activities. In a statement… Read More
19th December 2018
The United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission has launched an investigation into a report that giant bookmaker Ladbrokes agreed to pay the victims of a problem gambler in order for them not to report the firm to the regulator, according to the Guardian. The gambler is understood to have used money stolen… Read More
5th December 2018
The United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission has taken action against three online casinos following an investigation into how firms handle money laundering and problem gambling. In its findings, the Commission highlighted a number of compliance failings across the firms. “Nearly £14m in penalty packages will be paid by three companies… Read More
17th October 2018
The Gambling Commission has penalised Paddy Power Betfair (PPB) for failing to conduct adequate anti-money laundering checks and protect customers, as well as for allowing clients to gamble ‘significant’ sums of stolen money on its betting exchange. PPB will pay a penalty package of £2.2m, the Commission said, after… Read More
8th June 2018
The main bodies of the European Union have agreed on new legislation outlining criminal offences and sanctions regarding money laundering, part of a directive aimed at combating financial crime across the bloc. Currently, the differences between EU countries in defining and sanctioning money laundering offences affects cross-border police and… Read More
22nd May 2018
The German government will help German firms with business in Iran where it can, but cannot entirely shield them from the U.S. decision to quit the Iran nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions against Tehran, the economy minister told a newspaper. European companies conducting business in Iran face U.S. sanctions after… Read More
13th April 2018
A Greek court on Thursday ruled against extraditing a former bank employee who ignited a political scandal in Malta when she became a source for an investigative journalist who was murdered last year. Maria Efimova, a Russian who left Malta for Greece last year with her family, surrendered to Greek… Read More
20th February 2018
Owners of pubs or clubs with gaming machines will have to appoint a compliance officer and adopt employee due diligence programmes under new guidance published in Australia on Monday. Regulator Austrac, which issued the rules, said firms operating in this bracket should develop an anti-money laundering (AML) and counter… Read More