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The world’s dirty money by the numbers

Thanks for the effort, but you really need to do better. Some EU countries are among the best in the world at implementing technical recommendations to combat money laundering, but this doesn’t necessarily lead to impressive results: In the bloc, only 1.1 percent of estimated illicit proceeds are seized by… Read More

Why the EU anti-money laundering list is so short

The EU, last week, told a black-and-white tale of 20 sinful states who posed a money-laundering threat to Europe’s law-abiding single market. But the real story of the EU and money laundering is more complicated. And the EU’s new dirty-money blacklist revealed more by its omissions than by its inclusions. Read More

Danish gambling regulator warns Winteq over AML failings

The Danish Gambling Authority (Spillemyndigheden) has ordered Bingo.dk operator Winteq to conduct a risk assessment for money laundering and terrorism financing after discovering its current processes had not been updated. Spillemyndigheden said Winteq should conduct a new assessment, focusing on its procedures related to the identification, evaluation and analysis of… Read More
11th May 2020
If filing a suspicious activity report is more of an art than a science, it should be remembered that not all art is equal. Like a painting hung in a museum, a good SAR must be the product of focus and intention if it’s to engage its intended audience. For… Read More
7th May 2020
GFI — Even in normal times, there has been a growing recognition of the threat that illicit financial flows (IFFs) pose to the integrity and stability of the global financial system. But now, with the onslaught of the Covid-19 crisis, concerns are growing that the scale and scope… Read More
7th May 2020
Hong Kong police arrested 17 alleged members of a gambling syndicate which amassed HK$133 million (US$17.2 million) in 14 months from local punters using an online casino, a senior officer said on Wednesday. In the operation code-named “Deepskill”, officers also froze HK$4.5 million in bank accounts controlled by members of… Read More
27th April 2020
The owner of Matchbook, a betting exchange operated by the Cork-based technology firm Xanadu Consultancy, has been fined £740,000 (€845,000) over “serious failings” with its approach to measures including stopping money laundering. Triplebet, a Guernsey-based firm which owns Matchbook’s UK licence, received the fine following an investigation by the Gambling… Read More
23rd April 2020
Troy Stolz, the whistleblower who exposed a widespread lack of anti-money laundering compliance around poker machines in registered clubs, is being sued by ClubsNSW. Mr Stolz is accused of giving a confidential ClubsNSW board paper to Independent MP Andrew Wilkie. That paper, written in May 2019, outlined ClubsNSW’s own concerns… Read More
21st April 2020
“He’s just dodgy. He’s just ridiculously dodgy,” personal trainer Sean Carolan was heard saying of his criminal lawyer Michael Croke on an expletive-laden phone tap. A jury appears to have concurred with this assessment, as on Monday the Kings Cross lawyer was found guilty of all six counts including perverting… Read More
20th April 2020
South Korea has significantly improved its legal framework on fighting money-laundering, but it needs to step up efforts to prevent public officials from laundering bribes and to solidify its ability to freeze the assets of persons and entities blacklisted by the United Nations, a global anti-money-laundering watchdog said. The Financial… Read More
14th April 2020
Malta has requested the help of the US to avoid the possibility of being put on a list of countries that are not doing enough to fight money launderers. Sources said talks with the US government were held in recent months with a view to exploring a “partnership on financial… Read More
6th April 2020
By Anuška Delić and Matej Zwitter, OCCRP, 3 April 2020 OCCRP — In recent weeks, Slovenia has introduced strict controls on movement and gatherings, while approving tens of millions of euros worth of bids under emergency measures that bypass open tender measures. In just the last week of March, the government… Read More
6th April 2020
The gambling regulator is to cut staff, the Guardian has learned, prompting dismay among campaigners after a report that found it was already too weak. The Gambling Commission’s 332 full-time staff have been told it plans to reduce headcount as part of a broader structural reorganisation. The commission… Read More