8th September 2020
Gambling is now officially legal in the Virgin Islands, but it may not be as tightly controlled as legislators previously claimed. When Premier Andrew Fahie introduced the controversial gambling bill in February, he promised that it would include extensive measures that would ensure the industry is well regulated. Read More
3rd September 2020
Crown Resorts staff compromised the casino’s anti-money laundering program by recording multiple large cash deposits from patrons as a single transaction, which obscured potential criminal activity, a public inquiry has heard. Crown’s chief legal officer Joshua Preston told the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority’s probity inquiry on Tuesday that… Read More
2nd September 2020
By Stevan Dojcinovic, Dragana Peco, Jelena Vasic and Pavla Holcova, OCCRP, 1 September 2020 OCCRP — What do drug traffickers do with the mountains of cash they make supplying Europe’s cocaine habit? For members of Group America, the answer is easy: Spend it on Zlatibor, a mountain resort in… Read More
1st September 2020
Crown Resorts’ top legal officer has told a public inquiry that the casino giant’s anti-money laundering teams did not monitor two company bank accounts suspected to have been used to clean dirty cash. The NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority’s probity inquiry into Crown had earlier heard that the ANZ… Read More
27th August 2020
Inside a well-lit Manila studio, a young Filipino woman in heavy make-up and a low-cut black dress flips card after card. She is the dealer in a game of baccarat, a popular game in casinos worldwide. But she stands alone – the players are thousands of miles away in mainland… Read More
21st August 2020
A convicted conman who became notorious for his involvement in a property deal with Cherie Blair was arrested in Australia yesterday over an alleged sports betting scam. Peter Foster, 57, is accused of defrauding a gambler while running a sports trading company under a false name. He was detained on… Read More
19th August 2020
He called himself the “Lottery Lawyer,” developing a national reputation for helping high-profile lottery winners with their investments. He promised to secure their wealth for generations and to protect them from scam artists. But on Tuesday, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn accused the lawyer, Jason M. Kurland, of working with a… Read More
18th August 2020
China’s move to stamp out online gambling to help contain capital outflows is hitting liquidity in Macau’s VIP segment, at a time when the world’s No. 1 gambling hub is hobbled by slowing economic growth, Sino-U.S. tensions and coronavirus lockdowns. In June, Beijing identified the cross-border flow of funds for… Read More
10th August 2020
Wynn Resorts Ltd. has received two grand jury subpoenas regarding its compliance with anti-money laundering policies and procedures. The company said the subpoenas come from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California and were received in the first half of the year. The request for information relates… Read More
5th August 2020
By Emma Sarfity, InSight Crime, 3 August 2020 InSight Crime – Authorities in Argentina have implicated police and prosecutors in an illegal gambling ring linked to the infamous Los Monos crime group, underscoring how the coronavirus pandemic has provided yet more opportunity for official corruption. Five people were charged… Read More