3rd December 2020
A Lebanese judge has filed corruption charges against eight former high-ranking security officers, including an ex-army chief and the former top brass of army intelligence, two judicial sources familiar with the matter said. The officers were formally accused of “committing the crime of illicit enrichment and exploiting their official positions… Read More
30th November 2020
It was perhaps the world’s most expensive wedding; an extravaganza costing tens of millions of pounds with performances by Jennifer Lopez, Sting and Enrique Iglesias, a fleet of Rolls Royces to ferry the guests and a 20-year-old bride wearing a $1m dress and a $5m crown. The groom, Said Gutseriev,… Read More
24th November 2020
By Pierre Dupont, Roshanak Taghavi and Kira Zalan, OCCRP, 23 November 2020 OCCRP — The Bongo family has ruled Gabon for over five decades — and for nearly as long, they have been accused of looting their nation’s wealth. Authorities in France and the U.S. have over the years investigated… Read More
24th November 2020
Studded with Mediterranean-style cottages and modest low-rise homes, the winding descent toward the Golden Shore public beach might be charming — if it weren’t for the huge concrete hulk thrusting itself into view from below. Here, on the southern outskirts of Ukraine’s Black Sea port city, beachgoers grab snacks and… Read More
18th November 2020
By Paul Radu, Dmitry Velikovsky and Olesya Shmagun, OCCRP, 17 November 2020 OCCRP — Prevezon Holdings Ltd is a small international real estate investment company that leaves an unusually large footprint in stories about global crime and politics. The Cypriot company, owned by Russian citizens, was a beneficiary in Russia’s… Read More
17th November 2020
New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian says the Government’s $53.5 million purchase of a highly contaminated parcel of land near Parramatta should be fully investigated and could be sent to the state’s anti-corruption watchdog. Ms Berejiklian was responding to a joint 7.30 and The Sydney Morning Herald investigation into a… Read More
13th November 2020
Zuo Hui is on a mission to bring transparency to China’s murky property market, where buyers must navigate fake listings and sometimes fraud. To pull this off, his KE Holdings Inc. uses a national chain of physical real estate offices that has been around for almost two decades,… Read More
11th November 2020
Gas-rich Qatar has flung open its property market to foreigners, with a scheme giving those purchasing homes or stores the right to call the Gulf nation home. The scheme, announced in September, is the latest in a series of measures designed to diversify Qatar’s economy away from fossil fuel dependency… Read More
11th November 2020
Prosecutors want a fraudster convicted after Scotland’s longest ever criminal trial to explain the origins of £9 million which they say passed through his bank accounts. Edwin McLaren, 55, is being asked by Crown lawyers to explain if he obtained the cash through legal means. The revelation emerged… Read More
10th November 2020
Who owned 221b Baker Street, the London property that served as Sherlock Holmes’s fictional home, has been a mystery worthy of an Arthur Conan Doyle novel. For five years there has been speculation about the identity f the flat’s proprietor. The Times can now reveal that the building — along… Read More