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Colombia’s cartels target Europe with cocaine, corruption and torture

At 5am on a chilly Tuesday morning last month, 1,600 police officers and balaclava-wearing special forces, bristling with arms and battering rams, were ordered into action around the Belgian port city of Antwerp. More than 200 addresses were raided in what was the largest police operation ever conducted in the… Read More

Tanzania’s Hassan suspends ports chief, continuing Magufuli’s anti-graft stance

Tanzania’s new president, Samia Suluhu Hassan, on Sunday ordered the suspension of the head of the ports authority over corruption allegations, continuing her late predecessor’s anti-graft drive. Observers have been keen to see signs of policy direction from Hassan, who was sworn in on March 19 after John Magufuli died,… Read More

Nord Stream 2: Russia’s tricks to dodge US sanctions

“Every piece of pipeline equipment tells its own story,” is the slogan on the website of the Italian company Nuova Patavium. This motto is particularly apt considering this firm recently equipped a Russian vessel used in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea. DW asks, what if that story… Read More
25th March 2021
On a sunny, early morning in January, the oil tanker New Konk moved into a shipyard in China’s Fujian province for repairs. It was an otherwise routine event, but for two details. First, the ship’s operators transmitted a false ship name, a deceptive practice often used to disguise a vessel’s… Read More
19th March 2021
A major global analysis of the means by which money from the illegal wildlife trade flows round the world highlights how criminals routinely use common financial mechanisms and basic fraud to profit from illicit animal and plant products. Using more than 40 wildlife crime cases from… Read More
19th March 2021
Financial crime authorities are upping efforts to tackle trade-based money laundering (TBML), urging lenders to watch for complex corporate structures or trade flows, circular payment arrangements and inconsistencies in documentation. The warnings feature in new guidance from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an influential global standards-setting body. The document… Read More
17th March 2021
A Cleveland, Ohio-based manufacturer failed to take steps in response to “multiple apparent warning signs” about its European trade partners, which exported the company’s goods to Iran, according to a settlement announced Monday by the U.S. Treasury Department. UniControl Inc., which produces controls, airflow pressure switches, boiler controls and other… Read More
16th March 2021
Imagine for a moment the world of organized crime in Southeast Asia, and you may picture meth labs, human-trafficking rings, or the billion-dollar trade in endangered species. But lately law enforcement has noticed the oddest of goods circulating in the underworld: plastic junk such as bottles, candy wrappers and… Read More
15th March 2021
A Swiss prosecutor is probing whether the late Saudi king broke any laws when he transferred $100 million to a fund controlled by fellow royal Juan Carlos I of Spain in 2008. Last month, a hearing was held behind closed doors in Geneva to discuss a legal opinion that prosecutor… Read More
10th March 2021
Police in Belgium launched a huge operation against drug traffickers on Tuesday morning, in an operation targeted at cocaine smuggling groups. Belgium’s federal prosecutor’s office said searches had been launched at around 5 a.m. local time and involved more than 1,500 police officers. Local broadcaster RTBF said the raids… Read More
1st March 2021
By Max Radwin, InSight Crime, 27 February 2021 InSight Crime — An investigation has identified Mexico as a major contributor to a global seahorse trafficking network centered around China but this trade is also affecting other Latin American nations. The report, published in February by Mongabay… Read More
24th February 2021
South Korean shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries agreed to pay 812 million reais ($148.56 million) in a leniency deal with Brazilian authorities to settle corruption investigations, federal prosecutors said late on Monday. On its website, the prosecutor’s office said the deal was part of a global negotiation between the company and… Read More
24th February 2021
By Khadija Sharife and Mark Anderson, OCCRP, 22 February 2021 OCCRP — In January 2020, at the Turkish port of Derince on the eastern shores of the Sea of Marmara, a huge cache of weapons was loaded onto the MV Storm. Registered in the tax haven of Vanuatu,… Read More