13th January 2017
US prosecutors accused three former London currency traders of arranging a "conspiracy" to rig the foreign exchange markets. Read More
12th January 2017
Republicans on Wednesday passed a bill in the House of Representatives that touched on nearly every step U.S. agencies take in creating and applying new rules, continuing their blitz to radically reform "abusive" federal regulation of areas from the environment to the workplace. Read More
11th January 2017
As it publishes its annual report today, the U.K.'s Financial Reporting Council (FRC) reveals it has asked the government for more oversight powers. Read More
11th January 2017
In June 2015, the European Union’s fourth anti-money laundering directive (“4MLD”) was enacted, with the requirement that all member states transpose the rules into national law within two years. The directive is the EU’s main instrument for preventing the misuse of its financial system by money launderers and supporters of terrorism. Read More
30th December 2016
The scandal surrounding mining group ENRC is one of the worst to have ever hit the City. Read More
30th December 2016
The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) on Wednesday released a revised draft of an ambitious regulation designed to protect the state and its citizens from cyberattacks against financial institutions. Read More
28th December 2016
Tens of billions of dollars every year move through opaque law-firm bank accounts that create a gap in U.S. money-laundering defenses, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis. Read More
22nd December 2016
The European Commission is shoring up money laundering measures to regulate cash flows and freeze terrorist assets. Read More
22nd December 2016
Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau officer Yang Chao-chung (楊肇忠) was yesterday charged with offences stemming from the alleged orchestration of an insider trading scheme involving Phison Electronics Corp stock. Read More
20th December 2016
Founder and chief investment officer Mark Nordlicht among those arrested months after officials said jail guards’ union money was steered to hedge fund Read More