9th January 2017
The Dutch public prosecution office is looking at three pending cases involving the digital currency bitcoin and money laundering in 2017. Read More
22nd December 2016
The European Commission is shoring up money laundering measures to regulate cash flows and freeze terrorist assets. Read More
20th December 2016
Financial crime prevention laws are never static, and 2016 has proved no exception to the continuous cycle of changes to existing laws and the introduction of new ones. Read More
20th December 2016
A small, but rapidly growing number of digital technology start-ups is raising cash by creating and selling their own currencies in offerings that bypass banks or venture capital firms as intermediaries and are outside the reach of financial regulators. Read More
19th December 2016
Britain's intelligence agencies need to do more to help regulators to protect the financial services industry from cyber crime, the head of an influential parliamentary committee said on Monday. Read More
19th December 2016
In his Dec. 14 op-ed, “Vanquishing the red-tape monster,” Philip K. Howard wrote about performance-based regulatory “reform” but did not discuss what many in industry really want: no regulations. Read More
7th December 2016
Financial services providers must start adapting and expanding compliance procedures to deal with the new UK failure to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion offence that is set to come into force next year, says Ogier's Head of Regulatory Services. Read More
2nd December 2016
U.S. anti-money laundering regulations are well-developed, and domestic coordination to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing is sophisticated and has improved over the past 10 years, according to a Financial Action Task Force (FATF) evaluation issued Thursday. Read More
28th November 2016
Financial innovation firm R3 is seeking to use blockchain technology to streamline identification processes in regards to Know Your Customer registries. They've created a proof-of-concept for a system where an individual manages their own ID on a distributed public ledger. Read More
24th November 2016
A series of recent news events have highlighted the continued focus of global regulators on money laundering and compliance failures at international financial institutions. Read More