31st March 2020
A Russian national described by the FBI as a “significant cybercriminal” has been charged in Pittsburgh with laundering money for other cybercriminals, joining five Latvians indicted here in January on similar charges. An FBI complaint was unsealed Monday against Maksim Boiko, 29, known as “gangass” in the cyberworld, after agents… Read More
16th March 2020
A suspicious death and a frantic race to prevent a body decomposing. A missing £140m. And, in London, frozen HSBC accounts which could solve a year-long, complex mystery that has captivated the internet and ruined thousands. Welcome to the Quadriga affair, a grim, global treasure-hunt whose clues have surfaced in… Read More
13th March 2020
A VICE exclusive has revealed the Romanian Ministry of Justice is investigating hundreds of cases of Romanian passports allegedly being granted to people without proof of Romanian heritage. As detailed in the Ministry of Justice report seen by VICE Romania, the scheme has allegedly allowed a large number of Russian… Read More
10th March 2020
North Korea has evaded United Nations sanctions for many months by exporting coal, sand and petroleum, and importing luxury goods including armored sedans, alcohol and robotic machinery. The findings are based on an upcoming U.N. report, other assessments using satellite images and shipping data, and interviews with analysts. The exports… Read More
9th March 2020
The FATF (Financial Action Task Force) has released a guidance paper on digital identity systems, to help governments, financial institutions, VASPs (virtual asset service providers) and other regulated entities determine whether such systems are appropriate for CDD (customer due diligence) purposes. The guidance paper was adopted at last month’s… Read More
6th March 2020
Court ruled that cryptocurrency exchanges have not adversely impacted the nation’s economy. India’s Supreme Court has overturned an almost two-year ban on cryptocurrency trading that was enforced by the country’s central bank. The ban, imposed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in April 2018 due to concerns of consumer… Read More
4th March 2020
Facebook Inc. and its partners are considering redesigning the Libra cryptocurrency project so that the network accepts multiple coins, including those issued by central banks, in an effort to woo reluctant global regulators and rebuild momentum for the plan. When Facebook unveiled Libra, it said it intended to create… Read More
3rd March 2020
The Pyongyang Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference, an event which led last year to the controversial arrest and indictment of Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith for sanctions violations, was scheduled to take place again between 22–29 February. While the conference was always liable to postponement amid COVID-19 panic and… Read More
3rd March 2020
OCCRP—Luxury cars line the parking lot of the upscale Mandarin Plaza mall in Kyiv, while their well-heeled owners flaunt their wealth in its jewellery and designer clothes stores. But hidden on its upper floors, protected by armed guards and under the constant surveillance of security cameras, a very different… Read More
3rd March 2020
The United States on Monday charged two Chinese nationals with laundering more than $100 million in stolen cryptocurrency from a 2018 cyberattack linked to North Korea’s illicit nuclear missile and weapons development program. The new indictment, accompanied by sanctions and a civil forfeiture complaint seizing 113 cryptocurrency accounts filed in federal… Read More