17th April 2018
The Angolan government has received half a billion dollars that was ‘improperly’ transferred from its central bank’s Standard Chartered Bank account to an HSBC account in the United Kingdom. The move comes after the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) recently confirmed that the necessary authority had been obtained for the… Read More
16th April 2018
Mauritius has frozen bank accounts and suspended business licenses linked to Quantum Global Investment Management, a firm through which Angola’s sovereign wealth fund invests much of its cash, according to a court document and a regulatory source. Quantum Global, which said it was cooperating with authorities, is run by Jean-Claude… Read More
13th April 2018
The half a billion US dollars that landed in a HSBC account in the United Kingdom came from the Angolan central bank’s account with Standard Chartered Bank, it has emerged. HSBC froze the funds and filed a suspicious activity report with the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA), which went… Read More
28th March 2018
British authorities have used the new Criminal Finances Act to freeze half a billion US dollars that was illegally transferred from an Angolan bank to HSBC in the United Kingdom. It is understood that when the $500m landed in the HSBC account, the British bank filed a suspicious activity report… Read More
25th July 2017
Three lawyers and four people who used to work for the Portuguese flag-carrier TAP, one of them a board member, have been charged with accepting bribes, money laundering and forgery, the Portuguese police said. Read More
17th February 2017
Portuguese state prosecutors are bringing corruption charges against Angola’s vice-president Manuel Vicente. The attorney-general’s office says that Mr Vicente paid $810,000 (£650,000) in bribes to shut down corruption investigations that he was facing. The alleged bribes were made to Portugal’s former public prosecutor Orlando Figueira, who also faces charges… Read More
2nd February 2017
If the Senate approves, it could change how multinationals deal with foreign governments. Read More
27th October 2016
Angola’s state-owned banks, businesses and investment funds are all reportedly in trouble: either loss-making or on the brink of bankruptcy. The state oil giant, Sonangol, is floundering amid unpaid debts amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars; the crisis at the Credit and Savings Bank (the BPC, Banco… Read More
18th October 2016
The Angolan banks must adhere the rules and best practices applied internationally so that the country may not be put aside the international system, said on Monday the coordinating director of the Angolan Commercial Bank (BCA), Hernani Cambinda. Speaking to Angop during the opening speech of… Read More
5th May 2016
Angola needs to fight money laundering and financing terrorism by focussing on ethics and morality in its banking sector the central bank's governor, Valter Filipe da Silva, said. Read More