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Cameroon’s Cannabis Plans Go Up in Smoke

Gilbert Mvondo is still waiting to be paid for carving dirt roads through the Cameroonian rainforest, where foreign investors promised to create jobs cultivating cannabis and other crops for export. Residents of the southern region of Meyomessala were recruited in early 2016 by local officials to prepare the ground for… Read More

Businesses in Central African union rue tough forex crackdown

Efforts by the Bank of Central African States (BEAC) to tackle money laundering and restock woefully thin foreign exchange reserves are causing dire currency shortages and delays to transactions across the six-nation currency union, businesses say. New BEAC rules introduced in June are aimed at bringing order to a monetary… Read More

Cameroon’s anti corruption unit CONAC, puts CPDM Section president behind bars

Cameroon’s anti corruption unit Conac have odered the arrest of the President of the CPDM section of Ngie in Momo. Ubango Helly, owner of UB Relax Company Ltd,a prominent transportation agency within Bamenda, is since yesterday August 18th, 2016 loitering in a cell at the judicial police in Bamenda. Since… Read More