Kenya’s new Bribery Act, which pairs onerous obligations with severe penalties, may mark the start of a new era in which developing countries pass and enforce anti-bribery laws that are far more stringent than those in “traditional” compliance jurisdictions. Read More
9th March 2017
Jersey chief minister Ian Gorst has signed an agreement to allow the return of over £3m ($3.65m, €3.46m) of stolen assets to Kenya. Read More
6th March 2017
Mobile money providers like M-Pesa have disrupted traditional financial systems in many countries in ways conventional banks could only dream of. Read More
31st January 2017
How do terrorists move money? This article examines six of the most widely used methods: cash couriers, informal transfer systems (e.g. hawala), money service businesses, formal banking, false trade invoicing, and high value commodities. Read More
20th December 2016
Deported British journalist Jerome Starkey has claimed endemic corruption in Kenya has made it normal for people to pay bribes to survive. Read More
2nd November 2016
Thirteen port and customs officials were charged on Wednesday with stealing cargo containers and aiding tax evasion on freight at Kenya’s Mombasa port, part of a drive to clamp down on corruption and boost efficiency at the hub. Mombasa acts as a trade gateway for much of East Africa. But… Read More
19th September 2016
Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) has been linked to the ongoing money laundering by corrupt government officials in South Sudan, including senior military leaders sanctioned by the United Nations in the wake of the civil war which erupted in December 2013. The US-based The Sentry organization in its report released in… Read More
1st September 2016
When they met the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee on August 4, members of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission received a tongue-lashing from MPs. Nevertheless the four commissioners gave their reasons for asking their chairman, Phillip Kinisu, to step aside pending the conclusion of investigations on his alleged conflict of… Read More
22nd August 2016
A Nairobi Court has freed businessman Ben Gethi, Josephine Kabura and eight others on bail after denying Sh791 million NYS money laundering charges. Read More
22nd August 2016
An additional 21 traffic officers from Nyanza and other regions who had missed their earlier vetting got the opportunity to be interviewed by the panel. Read More