2nd August 2016
Corruption claims against Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) chairman Philip Kinisu call into question the integrity of an officer charged with fighting graft. Through his lawyers, Mr Kinisu admitted Esaki Ltd received Sh35 million in 2014 from the Health ministry, but adds Esaki Ltd did legitimate business with the Government,… Read More
22nd July 2016
As the Nigerians, South Africans and CNN would probably tell you, Kenyans on Twitter are not so forgiving of perceived slights and before long you’ll not only have a hashtag created in your honour, but it’ll likely be trending. Read More
19th July 2016
A Non-Governmental Organisation where Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) boss Philip Kinisu serves as chairman is under an active probe over suspected money laundering amounting to a staggering Sh5 billion. Read More
10th June 2016
The National Police Service Commission has sacked 302 police officers who refused to be vetted in ongoing reforms of the police force restore public confidence in the institution known for endemic corruption and human rights abuses Read More
3rd June 2016
KENYA has taken a beating. It failed to convince Uganda to build an oil pipeline through it, and was this month dropped by Rwanda, which plans to develop a rail link to Indian Ocean ports through Tanzania instead. Kenya’s position as a leader has come up against serious challenges now… Read More
3rd May 2016
Rains pounded the Kenyan capital of Nairobi over the weekend, exposing the city’s sorely lacking infrastructure. Read More
25th April 2016
Kenya is to amend its anti-money laundering law to enable the government to revoke the licences of errant financial institutions. Read More
18th March 2016
NAIROBI, Kenya, – Ten suspects allegedly involved in the National Youth Service Sh791 million money laundering scam failed to turn up in court Friday forcing the trial magistrate to issue fresh summons. Read More
17th March 2016
NAIROBI - Kenya's capital markets regulator has published new regulations requiring stock and fixed-income brokers to report suspicious trades and transactions above $10,000 to a government body set up to fight money-laundering. Read More
16th March 2016
Nairobi — The High Court has now directed 10 suspects in the National Youth Service scam to answer to money laundering charges. Read More