21st October 2020
A Faberge egg-collecting Russian oligarch who the US has hit with financial sanctions is set to benefit from the Morrison government’s gas-led recovery, it can be revealed. And a mysterious company registered in secrecy-haven Delaware is also in line to reap dividends if one of the key gas basins the… Read More
19th October 2020
A money-laundering operation that allegedly funnelled tens of millions of pounds through Scotland from Libya is believed to be the largest fraud investigation in Scottish history. The findings of a six-year inquiry by Police Scotland are being considered by prosecutors. Government officials in the north African country claimed that a… Read More
16th October 2020
Angolan prosecutors have seized assets belonging to two of former President Jose Eduardo dos Santos’s closest aides, the latest step in a crackdown on corruption in the southern African country. Assets including a brewery and a vehicle assembly plant held by general Manuel Helder Vieira Dias, known as Kopelipa, and… Read More
15th October 2020
By Will Fitzgibbon and Mago Torres, ICIJ, 13 October 2020 ICIJ — No, this former vice president cannot have his seven planes back. In May, the International Criminal Court ruled that Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo, former vice president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, will not be compensated for spending… Read More
12th October 2020
The Shabab, the Somalia-based militant group that is Al Qaeda’s most powerful ally in Africa, is not only collecting millions of dollars in tariffs and payoffs but moving the money through local banks and even investing it in real estate and businesses, according to a new United Nations Security Council… Read More
9th October 2020
The state cannot trace Ksh5 billion that had been deposited in Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua’s bank accounts, suspected to be proceeds of money laundering and graft. The MP received Ksh12.5 billion through three accounts in Rafiki Micro Finance Bank, in seven years, and the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) was able… Read More
9th October 2020
Malta’s Individual Investor Programme has lost some 73 of its agents out of a list of 200 firms and approved agents selling citizenship to the ultra-rich. Of those 73, only four practitioners have had their license outright suspended by the IIP agency: these include two licences held by the legal… Read More
7th October 2020
The latest UNCTAD report titled Economic Development in Africa Report 2020 ranked Kenya at position 24 globally among countries that record high illicit financial flows. The report was presented by Secretary General of UNCTAD Mukhisa Kituyi at the end of September 2020. This places Kenya ahead of Nigeria (34),… Read More
6th October 2020
The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre has alleged that some corrupt Nigerians engage real estate firms to conceal illicit funds. The organisation alleged that there had been a consolidation of dirty deals in the real estate sector. The Executive Director of CISLAC, Auwal Musa Rafsanjani, raised the alarm in Abuja… Read More
6th October 2020
Two individuals were arrested last week after it was discovered that they were producing and selling alcohol that contained ethanol and methanol in amounts above the legal limit. And now, The New Times has learned, they were also involved in a massive and complex tax evasion scheme. The duo… Read More