24th May 2020
If you have been dreaming of getting away from the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, you can — provided you have some cash in hand. For the starting sum of $150,000, you can buy your citizenship of the pristine Caribbean islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis. With their pure… Read More
20th May 2020
A total of £6.4 million of illicit cash held in a City bank account by criminals who falsely claimed to be running an African shipping company has been seized by the National Crime Agency (NCA). The account was set up in the name of a Liberian company called The… Read More
20th May 2020
As millions of people around the United States scrambled in recent weeks to collect unemployment benefits and disbursements through the federal Cares Act, officials warned about the looming threat of Covid-19-related scams online. Now they’re here. On Thursday, the Secret Service issued an alert about a… Read More
19th May 2020
There are strong indications that the Federal Government will file fresh charges against former Petroleum Minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke, bordering on alleged money laundering, illicit oil deals and other transactions connected to Process and Industrial Development (P&ID). A top official of the Federal Ministry of Justice told Daily Sun that the… Read More
15th May 2020
A former Coronation Street star is wanted for questioning by police in Ghana over an alleged bribery scandal at the heart of government. Philip Middlemiss, who during the 1990s played the role of the serial womaniser Des Barnes in the ITV soap, was one of four people to be named… Read More
13th May 2020
Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos called on Tuesday for a corruption case against her to be dropped, accusing Angolan authorities of using forged documents including a bogus passport to get courts to seize her assets. Angolan authorities seized the accounts of dos Santos and her husband Sindika Dokolo late last… Read More
13th May 2020
Congolese citizens and international campaign groups have filed a civil action in Belgium against passport manufacturer Semlex, which is being investigated by prosecutors for possible money laundering and corruption, the petitioners said on Wednesday. “We want the Belgian judiciary to lift the veil on this case and punish any individual… Read More
8th May 2020
A Sudanese anti-corruption committee said on Thursday that it will confiscate several large plots of land and residential properties in the capital Khartoum from relatives of ousted President Omar al-Bashir after investigations found they were acquired largely due to family ties. The Empowerment Removal Committee said it confiscated property from… Read More
7th May 2020
The European Commission aims to intensify its scrutiny of states posing money-laundering risks, and is looking into creating a new body to help police financial crime and monitor banks more strictly, draft documents seen by Reuters show. One document, expected to be published on Thursday, adds Panama and other countries… Read More
6th May 2020
By Eli Moskowitz, OCCRP, 5 May 2020 OCCRP — The United States transferred US$ 311.8 million to the government of Nigeria, the Department of Justice confirmed on Monday, as part of a previous agreement to repatriate assets that traced back to the kleptocratic regime of former dictator Sani Abacha. Read More