22nd August 2016
CMED (Pvt) Ltd officials have been accused of collecting fuel from the National Oil Infrastructure Company (NOIC) reportedly for Government business, only to divert it to private service stations for resale, prejudicing the State of millions of dollars in revenue. Government departments collect fuel from NOIC… Read More
19th August 2016
The Zimbabwe police headquarters has transferred all Beitbridge district police officers over suspicions they were engaged in corrupt activities. In a shock move, police officers from the highest rank to the lowest were transferred from the border town to other parts of the country. The transfers were effected by a… Read More
29th July 2016
The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) on Thursday suspended for three months, 19 investigating officers on a raft of charges that include leaking information and corruption. Read More
29th July 2016
The European Union’s top court on Thursday dismissed an appeal by Zimbabwe’s former attorney general and others against an EU-wide travel ban and asset freeze imposed for human rights infringements. The European Union began restrictive measures against certain people and entities in Zimbabwe in 2002. Johannes Tomana, then attorney general,… Read More
18th July 2016
Zimbabwe’s former vice president Joice Mujuru has accused President Robert Mugabe of being the main driver of corruption in the country, adding that he should account for the missing $15bn in diamond revenue, a report has said. According to New Zimbabwe, Mujuru claimed that Mugabe, together with former mines minister Obert Mpofu, were… Read More
6th July 2016
Stay-away day fronted by #ThisFlag sees foreign banks and stores close doors in Harare to protest against injustice Read More
8th June 2016
Presidential spokesperson and information portfolio secretary, George Charamba, on Monday fumed over a sting operation by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) that is targeting parastatals and local authorities. Read More
1st June 2016
Lenders in Zimbabwe and the central bank have blamed a shortage of cash notes in the country on money laundering, gold smuggling and a decision by the government to spread salary payments to civil servants over the month. Banks in the southern African country will have to limit the amount of… Read More
9th May 2016
The Zimbabwe government is working on a new law called the Public Sector Corporate Governance Act that will see corruption and other related maladministration in the public sector being punishable at law. Read More
18th February 2016
Please be advised that there have been a number of developments in relation to the Bailiwick's sanctions regime which are set out below. These developments concern sanctions relating to: Zimbabwe; and Terrorism and Terrorist Financing. Read More