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Swiss authorities return seized $37 million to CONMEBOL

AP — Swiss authorities said Wednesday they are returning about $37 million in seized funds to South American soccer confederation CONMEBOL. The money is linked to a Swiss corruption investigation into CONMEBOL’S former president Nicolás Leoz of Paraguay and former secretary-general Eduardo Deluca of Argentina. Leoz and Deluca were among… Read More

Argentina casino shutdown allowing illegal gambling rings to thrive

By Emma Sarfity, InSight Crime, 3 August 2020 InSight Crime – Authorities in Argentina have implicated police and prosecutors in an illegal gambling ring linked to the infamous Los Monos crime group, underscoring how the coronavirus pandemic has provided yet more opportunity for official corruption. Five people were charged… Read More

Argentina confronts its multi-billion dollar offshore wealth problem

By Eli Moskowitz, OCCRP, 23 July 2020 OCCRP – As Argentina has been renegotiating its US$65 billion debt with foreign creditors, it is also grappling with the fact that up to six times that amount is believed to be held by its citizens and companies offshore. Repatriating a portion… Read More
8th July 2020
By Anastasia Austin, InSight Crime, 7 July 2020 InSight Crime – A criminal group in Argentina has found a novel target for extortion: black market currency dealers who are moving large amounts of cash to dollar-hungry Argentines in an economy hit hard by the pandemic. Known as “cuevas,” or… Read More
8th July 2020
A former private secretary to Argentina’s vice-president has been murdered, fuelling speculation that he was targeted for being a whistleblower in a corruption case. The body of Fabián Gutiérrez, 48, who for years worked closely with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and later testified against her, was found at a… Read More
6th July 2020
Seeking to attract immigrants with high purchasing-power, Uruguay has relaxed its fiscal residence requirements – triggering a rush of consultations from Argentines. Those interested in moving across the Rio de la Plata say they’re not only in tax benefits. Political stability, legal security and even a different approach to controlling… Read More
11th June 2020
Swiss private bank Julius Baer (BAER.S) faces investigation by watchdog FINMA over whether it followed correct procedures against money laundering in its ties with a former Argentine client, the Neue Zuercher Zeitung newspaper said on Wednesday. The bank, which has previously been censured by FINMA over its efforts to… Read More
19th May 2020
In the midst of the pandemic, Argentine vice president Cristina Fernandez managed one of the objectives that the opposition claims were part of the political agreement with current head of state Alberto Fernandez, who was elected with the landslide of votes from the former president. In effect last week the… Read More
8th April 2020
By Josefina Salomón, Insight Crime, 7 April 2020 Insight Crime — Authorities in Argentina are using assets seized from drug traffickers to help fight the coronavirus pandemic, a tactic which can be replicated in other cash-strapped countries. On April 4, Argentina Federal Judge Santiago Inchausti ordered the transfer of 26 luxury… Read More
9th March 2020
Investigators at the Simon Wiesenthal Center say they have identified bank accounts at Credit Suisse that were maintained on behalf of “many” included on a list of 12,000 alleged Nazis living in Argentina during the late 1930s and early 1940s. The newly-obtained list stems from a cache of seized documents… Read More
9th January 2020
Bolivia’s interim government said Wednesday it would launch a corruption probe into nearly 600 officials of the former government, including ex-president Evo Morales. “It has been decided to initiate investigations against 592 former officials,” Mathias Kutsch, the justice ministry’s chief anti-corruption investigator, told a press conference. The probe will include… Read More
30th December 2019
The biggest corruption investigation in Latin America history began, humbly enough, at a Brazilian gas station, but as it steamrollered across the region, it took down top government officials and corporate titans alike. For those caught up in the scandal, it was a moment of reckoning. For ordinary citizens, it… Read More
12th August 2019
Five years ago, everything changed in Latin America—or so it seemed. Investigations into a money-laundering operation in Brazil beginning in 2014 revealed a massive bribery scheme involving energy and construction companies. The “Car Wash” scandal saw dozens jailed and billions of dollars in fines—and implicated politicians in Argentina, Colombia, Peru and… Read More