13th February 2017
An investigation into a construction firm sparks allegations of bribes from Panama to Peru. Read More
30th December 2016
The former Argentinian president and former aides face charges of illicit association and fraudulent administration in connection to public works funds. Read More
8th December 2016
The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and Transparency International (TI) are joining forces in a first of its kind partnership to root out grand corruption on a global scale, the Global Anti-Corruption Consortium. Read More
29th November 2016
Official data from Argentina's Attorney General's Office indicates that more than a third of money laundering cases since 2013 were linked to drug trafficking, a figure which highlights an important aspect of the country's growing role in the drug trade. Read More
24th October 2016
The Argentine government sent to Congress this week a series of proposed laws that would heavily sanction businesses found guilty of corruption involving the public sector, according to a document seen by Reuters on Saturday. Currently, Argentine law punishes individuals involved in such corruption cases, but not companies. Under the… Read More
1st August 2016
A prosecutor has opened an investigation against former Buenos Aires province governor Daniel Scioli for alleged fraud and money-laundering after it was alleged that he removed more than 20 billion pesos in cash from public coffers ahead of last year’s electoral campaign, broadcast TV channel América TV revealed last night. Read More
7th July 2016
A judge in Buenos Aires has frozen the assets of former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Ms Fernandez has been accused of making fraudulent foreign currency transactions last year in the final months of her government. She has denied the allegations and accused the centre-right government of Mauricio… Read More
1st July 2016
Judge Casanello told he must include former president in Báez investigation, properties raided Read More
21st June 2016
When a man was caught hurling bags of money over the walls of a monastery in a sleepy town outside Buenos Aires last week, President Mauricio Macri benefited more than the nuns. The man turned out to be former Public Works Secretary Jose Lopez, second-in-command at the Planning Ministry… Read More
15th June 2016
An ex-government minister in Argentina has been arrested after he was allegedly seen trying to hide millions of dollars in cash in a monastery. Read More